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New Client Demo

I have added a new client Demo: 0.1.4.

Have a look, and please give any feed back you might have in our forums. =)

- Improved Graphics performance
- Added Flying objects (blimps, balloons, adchoppers)
- Added Seasons
- Fixed issues with shortcuts
- Fixed Zooming
- Fixed Mini-chat
- Added many more buildings for performance testing

Posted by Mr Matt 2008-06-11

New UI demos are up

I put up some new demos showing off the UI layout. I think i got it pretty close to the original game. So far i got the menu bar, favorites, and build menu working. Still some work to do. :)

There is a bug when one clicks on any of the favorites. They don't actually go to the correct location, i didn't have time to fix it, because i wanted to get a demo up today.

Posted by Mr Matt 2008-04-14

New Demos Are Up

I added an updated Graphics demo as well as a new Chat demo.

The Graphics demo now includes a mini map and some mini chat stuff, take a look. The mini map needs some work, it just doesn't feel right, it also needs to show zones, but at least there is something. :)

The Chat demo is proof of concept demo for the chat framework. It still needs a bit of work before it will be part of the game itself. Also, I have the chat filters done (smiley faces, bad word filters, links), but i didn't have a chance to add it to the demo.... read more

Posted by Mr Matt 2008-03-31

Rebirth of Legacy Online (Starpeace)

I am here to bring Legacy Online out of the ashes and hopefully make it a bit more shiny!

I'm already well underway: i got the graphics about 70% done, thank goodness i kept the resources from the game, that will save me a great deal of time!

I'm currently working on the back-end portion of the game: networking, compression and encryption. I finished the compression and encryption and i'm hammering away on the networking stuff.

Posted by Mr Matt 2008-03-18

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