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Minor (and partial) update

The Census Area Profiler has been expanded to include postal districts as a selectable geography, this change hasn't yet been added to the Statistical Database. The five or six calculated fields haven't been included and it must be noted that the data is only for the portion of the postal districts that lie withing the Leeds boundary. The plan is to further expand the system to cover postal sectors, at this point Statistical Database will be updated and the calculated fields will be included.

Posted by Phil Ogden 2014-04-08

Data and Geography Updates

Both the Census profiler and master database have been expanded to include aggregated information for Church of England Parishes, calculated on a best fit of Census Output Areas (ignoring OAs that fall outside the Leeds boundary). In addition table QS611 "Approximated Social Grade" has been implemented for all geographies.

ONS has published a series of tables on the theme of "Short-Term Residents for Local Authorities" comprising of tables for country of birth, passports held and economic activity of short-term residents, the lowest level of geography is Leeds so these tables may be of limited use but have been included in the database for completeness. Additional (more detailed) tables have been released with a minimum geography level of "Yorkshire and the Humber", these tables have not been included in the database.... read more

Posted by Phil Ogden 2013-05-02 Labels: update errata

Fix for the fix!

The previous update killed the ability to use a single variable in some of the function calls, ranges and arrays were not affected, even ranges of just one cell! This update addresses the problem and everything should again work as advertised.

As before, if you only use the Census Area Profiler and don't build your own templates then you may not want to update as there's nothing new in the files. If you do use the new functions yourself you'll need to either re-download the excel files or replace the CensusAPI code with the new .bas file (a much smaller download).... read more

Posted by Phil Ogden 2013-05-01 Labels: update errata

Serious Update

The code that calculates rates of aggregated variables is incorrect and has been updated (12:30pm Monday 25th March 2013), the Census Area Profiler as supplied is unaffected but the error will show up if you expand the system to use aggregations. Replace CensusAPI.bas in the code or re-download the complete file as a matter of priority. This also apples to the main database file "StatisticalDatabase.xlsm" which should either be re-downloaded or the code module replaced with the updated version.... read more

Posted by Phil Ogden 2013-03-25 Labels: Update Errata

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