On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 6:29 PM, Dave <ledgersmb@1001111.com> wrote:
On 03/03/2014 07:13 PM, Chris Travers wrote:
>     So just to clarify, I would say set up a vendor for one offs, and post a
>     purchase order against that?

Yes, every single vendor and client should be entered. This is why the vendor/client aging is important.

That is not important though in a few cases, which is why the generic vendor/customer solution can be valid for some things.

For example, I usually have a "cash customer" record in point of sale environments.  People aren't walking out with products and owing money.  There is no aging, no AR balance, etc, and it is neither practical nor desired to track every customer's purchases.

Another example is for occasional expenses paid with a company card on the spot.  Again, no AP balance, so no aging, later payments, etc. and just because I get gas on a business trip at a different gas station doesn't mean I really need to track all the gas stations I use the company card at as an independent vendor.
>     How would I then pay the person who had incurred that expense on behalf
>     of the company?

For every employee who can expense create them a vendor record. Treat them as a preferred vendor (net whatever days you need).
Pay them the same way you pay normal vendors. Do not pay them differently, that will cause problems if you get audited.

That works too.  The thing though is you still need to track all the source documents.  I prefer to track employee expenses separately (either in paper or paid immediately on exchange of source document) because I think this is cleaner.  If the expense is incurred against a regular vendor and you want to include it in your purchase history, then tracking the employee as the vendor gets in the way of that. 

That basically goes to show there are no perfect solutions currently in the software.  Hopefully we can take care of a large portion of this during the financial rewrite.

>     OK, but could we get an expenses claim form integrated into the system

All ready exists, your employees just invoice their expenses, create a custom invoice for them if the business requires. 



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