#225 Implement OFX Direct Connect, HBCI, EBICS, Paypal


Having OFX uploads would enhance interoperability with GnuCASH and KMyMoney.




  • Havard Sorli

    Havard Sorli - 2012-03-30
    • summary: Implement OFX uploads --> Implement OFX Direct Connect, HBCI, EBICS, Paypal
  • Havard Sorli

    Havard Sorli - 2012-03-30

    Erik, some more info about online banking - and a library to be aware of.

    AqBanking CLI (GPL) - http://www.aqbanking.de/

    1. What Is AqBanking ?
    1.1. Generic Online Banking Interface
    1.2. Generic Financial Data Importer/Exporter Framework
    1.3. Bank/Account Information

    GnuCash and KMyMoney support AqBanking

    And this bank protocols (Backends):
    OFX Direct Connect

    Currently AqBanking provides informations about:
    - ca 25,000 US banks
    - ca 20,000 German banks
    - ca 3,600 Swiss banks
    - ca 2,300 Austrian banks

    AqBanking uses the library Gwenhywfar (http://www.aqbanking.de/) for
    abstraction of the underlying system. So it should work on any system for
    which Gwenhywfar is available.

    3.1. HBCI
    The backend AqHBCI provides support for the German online banking protocol
    called "Homebanking Computer Interface". It is a national standard provided
    by most German credit institutes.

    The following security media are supported:
    - DDV chipcard (DES-DES-Verfahren)
    - RSA chipcard (RSA-DES-Hybrid mode)
    - OpenHBCI keyfile (either OpenHBCI 1 or 2, this medium allows continued use
    with OpenHBCI in parallel)
    - PIN/TAN (PIN/TAN mode using HTTP over SSL)

    This backend supports the HBCI versions 2.01, 2.10, 2.20 and 3.00

    3.2. OFX Direct Connect
    This backend provides support for an online banking protocol used in the
    United States, Canada and maybe in the United Kingdom.

    3.3. EBICS
    EBICS is the successor of the German banking protocol FTAM. It is used in commercial
    environments. The tool AqBanking-CLI comes with optional support for this protocol.

    3.4. Paypal
    This backend uses Paypal's native API for retrieving transactions.

    3.5. None

    This is a fallback module which can be used by applications for accounts which
    are not managed by any online banking backend.

    3. Supported
    3.1. HBCI
    3.2. OFX Direct Connect

  • Havard Sorli

    Havard Sorli - 2012-03-30

    Gwenhywfar is licensed under the GNU LGPL (the AqBanking library)

  • Havard Sorli

    Havard Sorli - 2013-02-16

    <freelock> ehu or metatrontech, I was wondering about posting payments through online banking, do either of you (or anyone else) know if there's a way to initiate electronic payments from LSMB?
    <ehu> freelock: we're not using electronic payments to generate payments in LSMB or match the bank transactions to the (required) payments.
    <ehu> freelock: at this time.
    <freelock> I'm seeing the routing and account numbers on vendors, wondering if this is something that we can arrange with our bank...
    <freelock> we're setting up bill pay now, so we can pay vendors by logging into the bank's site, I'm wondering if any banks routinely support a web service post to trigger these transactions
    <freelock> I know that Quickbooks supports something like this -- I think Intuit acts as some sort of payment processor, doing ACH deductions from your account and deposits into employee accounts
    <ehu> my bank accepts upload files, not web service triggers.
    <freelock> oh yeah? are you able to generate the upload file from LSMB?
    <ehu> should not be too hard. the bank wants XML ISO 20022 messages.
    <ehu> freelock: http://www.ing.nl/Images/Addendum-Sect-v6.x-EN_tcm7-119108.pdf?id=20130215105625
    <freelock> ehu: thanks... I've seen something like this before,
    <ehu> http://www.iso20022.org/

  • Erik Huelsmann

    Erik Huelsmann - 2013-12-28
    • Group: v1.3.0 --> v1.5

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