#1183 Minor presentation issues.


Looking at 1.3.40

Bad business logic: Creating a employee when a user is created.

UI: User name should be displayed with version and database/company.

UI: Setup should display existing companies. Perhaps mine from roles.

Setup: With Postgresql 9.1 ~/tools/drop-roles.pl should use dropuser(1).

Thanks, rir


  • Chris Travers

    Chris Travers - 2014-08-29

    For creating an employee, yes, this is suboptimal in 1.3. In 1.4, you can make employees into users and this allows other interfaces to be built where other entities could be made into users as well.

    For setup displaying existing companies, if you leave company blank, it will give you a list of dbs. We can't check this before login though since there is no access to the db before then. This does not filter for LSMB dbs only as there is no perfectly safe way to do this without connecting to every db to check.

    I will look at implementing the other two shortly:
    -- adding username to menu pane
    -- moving to dropuser for setup program.

  • Chris Travers

    Chris Travers - 2014-09-04
    • assigned_to: Chris Travers
  • Chris Travers

    Chris Travers - 2014-09-08

    I have made the first modification (username added to the menu pane). I think for now I am going to keep the drop role statements as they are and consider making the change for 1.4. The reason is that we've had some problems with libpq programs like psql on Windows not respecting environment variables properly and as long as this currently works I would rather not take on the support overhead of bad builds there.

  • Chris Travers

    Chris Travers - 2014-09-08
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Chris Travers

    Chris Travers - 2014-09-08

    hmmm as I think about it, running it on Windows at worst will ask for a password, so might as well change it to droprole

  • Chris Travers

    Chris Travers - 2014-09-08

    hmmm it would happen once per role. I guess better not. We'll stick with the current set up for now until we can confirm the problem is fixed on Windows.


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