make install fails

  • Dieter Kluenter

    Dieter Kluenter - 2004-09-29

    I just have downloaded led-1.79.4 but make install fails because of unknown flag -C, what is the intetion of this flag? My /usr/bin/install only knows the following flags

    -d, --directory                           
    -g, --group=GROUP
    -m, --mode=MODUS                                 
    -o, --owner=OWNER
    -p, --preserve-timestamps                          
    -s, --strip              
    -S, --suffix=SUFFIX       
    -v, --verbose    


    • Larry Lile

      Larry Lile - 2004-10-20

      Sorry Dieter, I missed your message.  -C is unneeded and can be safely removed.  It compares the new file to the currently installed file before deciding if it should actually install the new file.

      It should probably be removed.

      What OS are you installing on?



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