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LeagueSite Source Control moved to Drupal CVS

As part of the integration with the Drupal CMS platforom, the leaguesite source code has been integrated with the Drupal CVS repository.

You can view the LeagueSite project page at drupal.org at: http://drupal.org/project/leaguesite .

We hope to have a release with very basic players/teams/games functionality in the next few months.

Posted by Don Seiler 2009-01-18

LeagueSite Moving to Drupal and SVN

Howdy folks. The big news of the day is that Richard and I have agreed to port LeagueSite to the Drupal content management system [0] and will be going forward only on that platform, working against the newer Drupal 6.0 codebase. I will first only be porting some basic features, but eventually hope to have a fully compatible feature set. I'll also try to provide scripts to migrate existing data from the PHPWS module to the eventual Drupal successor.... read more

Posted by Don Seiler 2008-02-22

Leaguesite 0.9.1 Released

As promised, here is the new 0.9.1 release to fix the "editing teams with no roster" bug. It also fixes a couple of other items.

The changes are:

*legauesite-0.9.1 (26 March 2007)
Bug Fixes
* [ leaguesite-Bugs-1688292 ] Edit fails for teams with no rostered players
* [ leaguesite-Bugs-1553378 ] Div by 0 in Australian Rules standings plugin

New Features
* RFE [ 1685639 ] Permalink to standings... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2007-03-26

Release 0.9.0 Pulled. Update Monday.

Hi All,

It appears there is a bug in editing games that involve teams that don't have a roster. I have therefore pulled 0.9.0 until I can fix it so it won't affect any more people.

Unfortunately I am away for the weekend so I can't fix it until Monday, but I hope to have a fixed 0.9.1 available on Monday night.

Sorry about that,

p.s. for those who have already downloaded 0.9.0 and are finding the problem, I have posted a workaround here:... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2007-03-24

Leaguesite 0.9.0 Released

Well this one has certainly been a long time coming! And of course, after waiting almost two years for a new release, I'm tempting fate by going away on holiday from Friday until Monday! As every developer knows, that is usually the kiss of death to any release, but I am actually pretty confident that there should be no problems with this one.

Of course, I have to thank my long suffering girlfriend for spotting what would have been an annoying bug right at the last moment before I packaged it all up. So it's about 3 hours later, but a whole lot better thanks to her ;)... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2007-03-22

Leaguesite 0.8.0 Released

I've been sitting on this one for a while because sourceforge appears to have stopped developer access to CVS from the shell server. I was just using the cvsrelease script written by Don (rizzo) to do releases, and that script requires developer (writeable) access to cvs. Add to that I am pretty much a windows only guy (boo hiss) and it put something of a spanner in the works! Anyways, thanks to Knoppix I now have a useable linux at home so I can now run the script from here.... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-05-07

Leaguesite 0.7.0 Released

Points based tables are finally here!
I've finally done what I really should have done a long while ago - adding points based standings table capabilities to leaguesite. I also wanted to take into account other comments that I have received about different users/sports requiring slightly different methods of ordering the teams.

To try and support all this I have decided to use a simple plugin architecture that allows individual files to deal independantly with different methods of generating standings tables.... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-04-11

Leaguesite 0.6.7 Released

Doh! There was a one character mistake in the update code in 0.6.6. that meant all games were moved to the morning. date('h') gives the 12-hour hours, and date('H') gives the 24-hour hours! Guess which one I used and which one I should have used...

This is now fixed so games will stay as afternoon games if appropriate.

If you did manage to install 0.6.6 in the time it was up, this version's update will move all games to the afternoon (on the basis that most sports play in the afternoon). If you installed 0.6.6 and the majority of your games are in the morning you may want to delete the last section of boost/update.php before updating.... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-04-05

Leaguesite 0.6.6 Released

I think I have finally managed to fix/workaround the problem with the date and time being incorrect when the page is first loaded, but being correct every reload after that.

What appears to be happening is that some other module is calling PEAR::Date_TimeZone::inDaylightTime() when a user session starts (700-odd times!!), but doesn't call it again once the session is started.

The problem is that there appears to be a bug in inDaylightTime() which can mess up the timezone of the server, setting it incorrectly to UTC.(See http://pear.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=1180 and http://www.modem-help.co.uk/help/diary20040412.html\)... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-04-05

Leaguesite 0.6.5 Released

Well I seem to be getting through these at a regular 1-release-a-week schedule. Perhaps if I didn't leave so many bugs in there in the first place I wouldn't have to ;)

Seriously, thanks to everyone who has been submitting excellent detailed bug reports that really help me narrow down the problems. The issues fixed in this release were spotted by wolfbbs, Alex (ag3586), and James - thanks all :)... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-03-16

Leaguesite 0.6.4 Released

This update fixes a bug with the squad list which prevents fixtures from being created when table prefixes are being used.

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-03-08

Leaguesite 0.6.3 Released

This release fixes a couple of problems reported to me (thanks for the good bug reports!):
* Fixing bug [ 1152772 ] Add statistics on Edit games page should now work when using table prefixes
* Fixing install problem due to missing semicolon in the install.sql file

You can also check out how I am using leaguesite for the website of the Edinburgh Softball League at http://www.softball.org.uk/.

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-03-01

Leaguesite 0.6.2 Released

Ever had one of those days? This was one of those days for me.

This third release of today (!) fixes a minor bug in the squad functionality - once you had added players to a squad you could never remove all the players again.

It also tidies up a few PHP warnings that were being generated if you have warnings enabled on your server. That will teach me to make sure that setting is turned on the next time I reinstall PHP!

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-02-20

Leaguesite 0.6.1 Released

Oops. I made a typo in the upgrade script, so the required upgrade SQL was not being run. This meant that the tables wern't getting updated and of course that means the whole upgrade is broken.

This release fixes that. Just upgrade as usual and all should be well.

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-02-20

Leaguesite 0.6.0 Released

I've finally got 0.6.0 done. The main features are:

New Features
* Match squads added to games - i.e. the subset of the roster that is involved in a game
+ Support for selecting a match squad from the roster using check boxes for speed and ease of use
+ Support for selecting non-roster memebers for the match squad (e.g. loan players, guest players etc.)
* Adding a notes field to teams for details about the team
* Adding umpire assignment to games.
* Adding short names to the team data for use in the "Next 'n' Games" boxes where space is usually limited.... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-02-20

Leagusite 0.5.3 Released

Best laid plans of mice and men eh? I said I was going to try for a 0.6.0 release with the next one, but some needed bug fixes, and an excellent patch submitted by Justin Alcorn made me do just one more 0.5.x release.

The main feature is the integration of the patch by Justin which gives Fatcat categories integration for teams. I can see it being a really useful feature and it is something I hadn't even thought of doing, so thanks for the idea and the implementation!... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-01-31

Leaguesite 0.5.2 Released

I've just released 0.5.2 which fixes sorting in the standings table when only some teams have played games. It also adds linking from the team name in the standings table to that team's leaguesite page. Finally it improves theme-ability by making the various blocks (next, previous, today's games) use templates for their layout.

This will be the last 0.5.x (probably) because the next few changes I have in mind will require changes to the database so I will change to 0.6.x when those changes are ready.

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-01-22

Leaguesite 0.5.1 Released

Leaguesite 0.5.1 fixes a bug in the Team View and Edit forms. If you clicked on a player from the roster list you always received the details for the last player in the roster rather than the one you wanted. Thanks to phpwizz [ulrisa] for finding that one and providing a fix as well.

Posted by Richard Taylor 2004-12-28

Leaguesite 0.5.0 Released

LeagueSite has just made its latest release (0.5.0). LeagueSite is a phpWebSite module that adds roster, stats, and schedule information for a sports league or team onto the PHPWS base. It can be used to create a website for their fans to learn more about the league and its teams and players.

The major changes in this release are:
* Abstracting players from teams, allowing players to be moved from one team's roster to another's.
* Adding Subscores to allow the display of scores for sets, innings, half's etc.
* Adding support for phpWebSite 0.10.0... read more

Posted by Richard Taylor 2004-12-22

LeagueSite and phpWebSite 0.10.0

A lot of you may have noticed that LeagueSite 0.4.x won't install on phpWebSite 0.10.0. This is a known bug and will be fixed when we release 0.5.0, which we are working on finishing. No ETA, hopefully end of this week.

The problem has to do with the 0.4.x code not using PHP's version_compare() function, and the way it was doing version checks thinks that 0.10.0 is between 0.1.0 and 0.2.0, not greater than 0.9.0.... read more

Posted by Don Seiler 2004-12-14

New Developer: Richard "farrago" Taylor

I'm pleased to announce that Richard Taylor, a.k.a. farrago, has joined me in working on LeagueSite. As you may have read before, Richard has been using LeagueSite and has always kept me busy with bug reports and RFEs. Lately Richard and taken it a step further and began submitting patches, so we agreed that he could do much more harm with direct access to our CVS. ;)

Richard hails from the UK and has given me a casual explanation of how cricket works! Anyway Richard already has some great work in the pipe for LeagueSite 0.5.0. Welcome aboard!... read more

Posted by Don Seiler 2004-03-16

LeagueSite 0.4.5 Released

I might as well call this the Richard Taylor Special. Richard submitted some fine fixes and a great addition to the Schedule view. Muchos gracis to Richard "ferrago" Taylor.

As always, read the INSTALL.txt before installing and before coming to me with problems. I'll remind you now that you must have the newer Database.php if you haven't updated it already. See my earlier announcement on that for details.... read more

Posted by Don Seiler 2004-02-06

ManitowocBandits.com uses LeagueSite

This weekend as part of a server migration I converted ManitowocBandits.com from TeamSite to LeagueSite 0.4.4, and phpWebSite 0.9.3-2.

So feel free to check it out: http://manitowocbandits.com

Posted by Don Seiler 2004-01-26

New Database Fix Needed

Along with my pioneering use of indexes, a bug in the core Database class was revealed. I have fixed the class and the fixes are available here:

0.9.3-1 users: http://leaguesite.sf.net/Database0931.zip

0.9.3-2 users: http://leaguesite.sf.net/Database0932.zip

NOTE: If you downloaded the "supplemental" zip package after January 5, 2003, then the new Database.php was included in that and you shouldn't need to download a new one.... read more

Posted by Don Seiler 2004-01-06

LeagueSite 0.4.4 Released

LeagueSite is a PHPWebSite (>= 0.9.3-1) module that adds roster, stats, and schedule information for a sports league or team onto the PHPWS base. It can be used to create a website for their fans to learn more about the league and its teams and players.

This release contains some performance improvements. First I've made a code change to not make extra database calls when I've already pulled all the necessary information anyway. Second, and most importantly, I've added indexes on the foreign key fields in the various tables. This should improve performance greatly, especially on large databases.... read more

Posted by Don Seiler 2003-12-23