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LeagueSite Moving to Drupal and SVN

Howdy folks. The big news of the day is that Richard and I have agreed to port LeagueSite to the Drupal content management system [0] and will be going forward only on that platform, working against the newer Drupal 6.0 codebase. I will first only be porting some basic features, but eventually hope to have a fully compatible feature set. I'll also try to provide scripts to migrate existing data from the PHPWS module to the eventual Drupal successor.

Other news is that this Drupal module code is now using SourceForge's Subversion repository, rather than CVS [1].

We both look forward to working on this project again and to working on Drupal.

[0] http://www.drupal.org
[1] http://leaguesite.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/leaguesite/trunk/

Posted by Don Seiler 2008-02-22

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