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Leaguesite 0.9.1 Released

As promised, here is the new 0.9.1 release to fix the "editing teams with no roster" bug. It also fixes a couple of other items.

The changes are:

*legauesite-0.9.1 (26 March 2007)
Bug Fixes
* [ leaguesite-Bugs-1688292 ] Edit fails for teams with no rostered players
* [ leaguesite-Bugs-1553378 ] Div by 0 in Australian Rules standings plugin

New Features
* RFE [ 1685639 ] Permalink to standings

Note that there is also a change to the standings.tpl template for the addition of the permalink. If you have your own custom template for this file you can add the {PERMALINK} tag where you want the permalink to go.

Apologies again for the trouble with 0.9.0, and I hope this one goes better!

Posted by Richard Taylor 2007-03-26

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