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Leaguesite 0.9.0 Released

Well this one has certainly been a long time coming! And of course, after waiting almost two years for a new release, I'm tempting fate by going away on holiday from Friday until Monday! As every developer knows, that is usually the kiss of death to any release, but I am actually pretty confident that there should be no problems with this one.

Of course, I have to thank my long suffering girlfriend for spotting what would have been an annoying bug right at the last moment before I packaged it all up. So it's about 3 hours later, but a whole lot better thanks to her ;)

So what's in this release? The highlights are:

New Features
* RFE [ 1553383 ] Add "Scorer" permission. Much asked for feature! When using, there is a small gotcha in configuring the "Scorer" users - you have to give them the "Score Games" permission in the "Update User" page, AND make them an Admin on the "Manage Users" page that lists all the users. If you only set the specific permission and don't make them an admin, they will not be able to score games.

Bug Fixes
* [ leaguesite-Bugs-1202443 ] Players Edit link available when permission not granted
* [ leaguesite-Bugs-1195678 ] Database Error (when adding a game with only 1 team selected)
* ISF-Softball Standings plugin updated to fix sorting when sorting teams in H2H with the same record.
* Made the Edit Team link from the View Team page respect the edit_teams permission, not the edit_games one.
* Games Back standings style updated to take account of ties as well as wins & losses
* Fixing bugs in Add/Edit Statistics and Delete Statistics, and related permissions

There is also a new template file for scoring games, for those who do their own templates.

As ever, if you have any questions please feel free to post them in the forum and I'll do what I can to help.

Posted by Richard Taylor 2007-03-22

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