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Leaguesite 0.8.0 Released

I've been sitting on this one for a while because sourceforge appears to have stopped developer access to CVS from the shell server. I was just using the cvsrelease script written by Don (rizzo) to do releases, and that script requires developer (writeable) access to cvs. Add to that I am pretty much a windows only guy (boo hiss) and it put something of a spanner in the works! Anyways, thanks to Knoppix I now have a useable linux at home so I can now run the script from here.

The quick summary of the changes in this one is:

Bug Fixes
* Fixes to html errors in the schedule list view
* Fixing bug where the umpire couldn't be set back to [TBA] after a specific umpire was selected
* Fixing bug where editing a game would default PM games to AM

New Features
* RFE [ 1110936 ] Link to schedule - shows the Next and Previous 'n' Games for the team on each Team's page, along with a link to the full schedules for that season.
* Adding the ability to mark games as postponed.
* Use cookies to select the default schedule and standings views for returning visitors
* Showing the Umpire on the Games blocks
* Added a This Week's Games block
* Patch [ 1192665 ] Add Edit Link to Venue - thanks to jbalcorn for this one.

In addition, if you are using your own templates for your leaguesite/phpws theme please note that there have also been some template changes. See the changelog for more information.

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-05-07

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