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Leaguesite 0.7.0 Released

Points based tables are finally here!
I've finally done what I really should have done a long while ago - adding points based standings table capabilities to leaguesite. I also wanted to take into account other comments that I have received about different users/sports requiring slightly different methods of ordering the teams.

To try and support all this I have decided to use a simple plugin architecture that allows individual files to deal independantly with different methods of generating standings tables.

This hopefully means that if none of the existing ways of generating a standings table is ideal for your sport you can simply write a very basic plugin, add it to the correct directory, and it will automatically be available for use in leaguesite.

Initial plugins
The standings plugins that I have created so far are:

* Generic "Games Back" - Implements the standings table leaguesite used previously
* Generic Points (3 Points version) - Generic points table, with 3 points for a win
* Generic Points (2 Points version) - Generic points table, with 2 points for a win
* Generic Points (3 Points) with Bonus Points - Generic points table, with 3 points for a win, plus per-game bonus points (manually entered).
* Generic Points (2 Points) with Bonus Points - Generic points table, with 2 points for a win, plus per-game bonus points (manually entered).
* ISF Softball - Standings table to match International Softball Federation (ISF) rules

and finally (especially for gnrtoucan (Roy Collins)):
* Australian Rules Football (AFL) - Standings for the AFL version of Australian Rules
* Australian Rules Football (SANFL) - Standings for the SANFL version of Australian Rules

Choose the corect plugin
You can select the standings table format you require from the Season Edit page, as well as see a longer description of what the current standings format is.

This is available per-season, so if you are running a site for multiple sports you can have different standings table formats for different seasons.

Note for Users of Custom templates
This change has required some changes to the templates, so if you have custom templates for edit_game.tpl, edit_season.tpl, standings_item.tpl, standings.tpl, or view_game.tpl then you will need to make some changes (detailed in the readme)

Making your own plugins
The plugins are stored in mod/leaguesite/class/standings/standings_*.tpl

All plugins must:
* be named standings_*.tpl
* implement a class called LEAGUESITE_standings_* (where the *'ed part of the filename and the class name are identical.
* the class must extend LEAGUESITE_standings_base (standings_base.php) (or a descendant thereof)
* the class must implement:
- getDescription()
- getShortDescription()
* the class may implement:
- getHeadings()
- getFieldClasses()
- getUseBonusPoints()
- getStandingsArray()

I think the comments for these functions give a pretty good description of what they are required to do. Additionally, the existing plugins should provide a good base to 'borrow' from!

And of course, once your plugin is working well, please contribute it back to the project as a patch or even just email it to me (see my profile for the address).

If you have any further questions about how to develop plugins I will try to keep on top of the forums so feel free to ask questions there.

If I can't make my own plugin
If you want a sport added to the list of plugins, but won't be able to do it yourself, then please feel free to add an RFE for it. Before I will be able to do anything I will need:
* What columns are in the table
* How they are calculated
* How the ordering is done (e.g. points, then goal difference, then goals for, then 'coin toss' etc.).

That's it
That's it for this overly long news item. Hope you liked it ;)

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-04-11

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