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Leaguesite 0.6.7 Released

Doh! There was a one character mistake in the update code in 0.6.6. that meant all games were moved to the morning. date('h') gives the 12-hour hours, and date('H') gives the 24-hour hours! Guess which one I used and which one I should have used...

This is now fixed so games will stay as afternoon games if appropriate.

If you did manage to install 0.6.6 in the time it was up, this version's update will move all games to the afternoon (on the basis that most sports play in the afternoon). If you installed 0.6.6 and the majority of your games are in the morning you may want to delete the last section of boost/update.php before updating.

If you didn't install 0.6.6, or all your games are in the afternoon then simply get 0.6.7 and update to it and all will be well.

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-04-05

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