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Leaguesite 0.6.5 Released

Well I seem to be getting through these at a regular 1-release-a-week schedule. Perhaps if I didn't leave so many bugs in there in the first place I wouldn't have to ;)

Seriously, thanks to everyone who has been submitting excellent detailed bug reports that really help me narrow down the problems. The issues fixed in this release were spotted by wolfbbs, Alex (ag3586), and James - thanks all :)

The changes in this version are:

Bug Fixes
* Fixing compatability with PHP5 by correcting errors in the code that generates the "next n games" blocks
* Fixing bug in displaying stats on the Game page
* Fixing bug in displaying stats on the Team page
* Working around bugs in the table prefix adding code in the core database methods by manually adding the prefix in all required places

Posted by Richard Taylor 2005-03-16

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