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v1.3 released!

A vmware server image along with a 128MB compact flash image has been released. PHPLdapAdmin is included by default as a power tool to tweak OpenLDAP directory info.

Posted by David Rush 2007-12-24

v1.3 almost out

v1.3 init system reworked, it now contains the standard one from FreeBSD. Also, phpLDAPAdmin will be included as a power tweak tool. Stay tuned...

Posted by David Rush 2007-11-06

v1.2 beta released

Beta 1.2 now released. This contains an updated password changing app, user and group apps & a new stylesheet. A vmware image is also supplied for download.

Posted by David Rush 2007-09-14

new stylesheet

The webGUI got a css overhaul. Be sure to check out the new screenshots.

Posted by David Rush 2007-09-13

v1.1 beta release

Version 1.1 beta release a few days ago. Be sure to read the quick install on the project web site.

Posted by David Rush 2007-09-04

openLDAP embedded

openLDAP now starts on boot and populates an initial tree.

Posted by David Rush 2007-08-29

openSSL embedded

On system boot openssl will generate public / private certificates for use with lightttpd / openLDAP based on system-config.conf parameters. TLS has made it in.

Posted by David Rush 2007-08-28

PHP now embedded

PHP & Lighttpd are included in the build system. OpenLDAP is on the way

Posted by David Rush 2007-08-27

V1.0 Buildroot Released

The base build system has just been released along with a binary image that can be booted from a Compact Flash card. This release is intended for developers but non developers can give it a shot too. The binary image does not have the user manager application installed as this is a developer preview.

Posted by David Rush 2007-08-24

FlashBSD almost here

Wow, This project has gone beyond the original design goals of a simple user manager with a web gui and OpenLDAP. The web gui has been running stable for a while now when installed on a standard x86 FreeBSD server that has OpenLDAP and a http server with PHP enabled, but for a new sysadmin these parts (Especially the transport layer security) can be tricky to set up. FlashBSD, the sub-project set up to offer an OS optimized for running on compact flash based systems with non-volatile storage is almost here. It's based on a FreeBSD 6.2 kernel, a few userland tools, and a simple sh based rc system. An alpha release of the build tools is expected shortly.

Posted by David Rush 2007-08-17

New buildroot system

The build system used for creating system images is nearing completion. A minimal system with network access, some bins, and a shell can be built by running 2 commands. The scripts must be run on a FreeBSD 6.x host development system as they pick parts of the host system to build the embedded system image. Check out the buildroot module to see it in action.

Posted by David Rush 2007-08-16

Project Import

To all,
This project started out as an in-house development effort created to solve the problem of (easily) managing user accounts across a range of POSIXish systems as well as MS Windows clients. It has been deployed on production servers for nearly a year now with only minor tweaking needed along the way. As the project is being broken up and modularized from its original form, code will be imported into the sourceforge repositories. When all critical modules have been imported and usage documentation has been written there will be a beta release. Until then... Stay tuned.

Posted by David Rush 2007-08-12

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