Hi Andrei,

lcms should deal with any valid ICC profile.

Do you have a sample ICC profile and color value that makes lcms go wrong? We could check photoshop with those and see if is the CMM or something else in the workflow.


El 17/09/2012 16:54, Andrei Szeghy escribió:



 In the past I have successfully used LittleCMS 2.0 to apply profiles created by Monaco Profiler and Profile Maker 5.  These past ICC’s did not have an embedded linearization curve because the printer had a separate mechanism for linearization “downstream”  in the pipeline.  I’m now targeting a new printer and using the i1 Publish software to create a profile with embedded linearization.  My results, with the existing 2.0 software, are now “muddy” or “darker” than expected.


While I’m investigating other sources of the trouble, I’m trying to understand if I have to  make LittleCMS 2.0 aware of the embedded linearization curve.


Any thoughts are much appreciated,


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