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new release 1.1.0

It is now possible to connect to the already running cluster, without having to go through the wizards using only command line options. As you will see later it allows applets to be configured on the server or cloud if you wish, instead of locally on every computer. This new feature is really worth it. But first the options:

lcmc -h

would quickly connect you to the cluster with the specified hosts.... read more

Posted by Rasto Levrinc 2011-11-21

New release LCMC 1.0.4

The most important changes:
* fix showing of misconfigured constraints
* fix DRBD usage-count option flipping to "yes"
* workaround for disable-ip-verification in DRBD 8.4
* fix leak after removing a cloned group
* save clone ids after apply button is pressed
* cleanup the resource agent code
* it is now possible to use full path in resource definition
* hide the red dot if there's no upgrade available
* don't hang if there's an illegal config
* fix DRBD GUI for 3+ node clusters
* fix adding of new xen domains
* add type machine option to VM
* change welcome banner and add new logo
* fix showing of parsed /proc/drbd with sudo
* make it work with other shells like like tcsh... read more

Posted by Rasto Levrinc 2011-11-08

New release LCMC 1.0.2

Here is a new release LCMC (Linux Cluster Management Console) 1.0.2, the Pacemaker, DRBD and KVM cluster GUI.

There is new LCMC logo provided by Linux-HA Japan. Check it out
on the web page.

The showing of popups with left click was disabled. It turned out to
be very unpopular feature, although some hypothetical touch screen users may miss it. Some options for (not so hypothetical) Xen users were added.... read more

Posted by Rasto Levrinc 2011-10-25

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