New plugins!

- A WinAmp spectrum analyzer plugin is now available.

- The bignum, perf and menu plugins have been re-released as betas;
this was due to the low (or zero) bug counts.

- An iTunes plugin has been written by Gareth Price.

- A Sage TV plugin has been written by Anders Nolberger.

- A Meedio Plugin by Harald Wagner.

- A WinAmp title splitting plugin by Limbo.

And there are many more plugins currently in progress (including a Beyond TV plugin, a Windows Media Center plugin, and an image plugin)!

All plugins are linked from our download page.

A new site has also been created for sharing configs/screens:
[NB: This site is run by Limbo; a LCD Smartie user and plugin writer]


Posted by Chris Lansley 2005-01-18

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