LCD Smartie 5.3 rc3 available

This will be the FINAL build unless somebody reports a serious bug within 24 hours.

LCD Smartie 5.3 rc3 is available for download.

Download 5.3 rc3 NOW, and report any bugs NOW - there's still a chance of it being fixed.

Development will then start on 6.0 - but at a much slower pace. So 5.3 final will be the last release for quite a while.

Changes since LCD Smartie 5.3 rc2:
- Fixed possible problem in error reporting.
- Added missing actions/commands to UI.
- Allow easier editing of actions.
- Double clicking a command title, inserts the command.
- Add some more default RSS feeds.
- Fixed Div by Zero bug that could happen on screen 'interactions'.
- Correcly parse when last parameter of command is empty.

LCD Smartie 5.3 can be downloaded from:

Plugins can be found on the download page:


Posted by Chris Lansley 2005-01-29

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