Zak - 2013-07-03

Good day all,

I am using a HD44780 compliant LCD driven by a FTDI FT245R for which I have had a custom PCB made. This works like a charm! I have the following driver selected and set up in /usr/local/etc/LCDd.conf:

Hitachi HD44780 driver

Select what type of connection. See documentation for types.

Port where the LPT is. Usual value are: 0x278, 0x378 and 0x3BC

Device of the serial interface [default: /dev/lcd]

My problem is that I am using another FTDI device called the Vinculum II that I use as a USB to SPI bridge for a RF receiver. This device and the FT245R has the same vendor and product ID, so when I run LCDd it sometimes thinks that my receiver is a FT245R and tries to connect to it. It all depends in which order I connect the devices to the PC. I have created a script that can distinguish between the FT245R and my radio, and tells me which device is on which ttyUSB.

For some reason the "Device=/dev/ttyS0" section in LCDd.conf does not seem to make any difference. I know on which port the FT245R is connected but changing the Device entry makes no difference. If I make Device=/dev/ttyPeanut my LCD display still works if it is the only FTDI device connected to my PC, so does this entry have any effect at all or are there some other settings that I need to change as well? Or does the driver that I am using override the port settings in LCDd.conf?

Thanks in advance