"MAX_INTERFACES" in iface.h

  • Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson - 2014-03-06

    From the comment in lcdproc.conf....
    "# for more than 3 interfaces change MAX_INTERFACES in iface.h and rebuild"

    From line 17 of iface.h....
    "#define MAX_INTERFACES 3 / max number of interfaces in multi-interface mode /"

    Could someone help me understand what needs to be changed in iface.h in order to make lcdproc support, six ethernet interfaces for example? I've already attempted a few things like changing the "3" to a "4" and un-commenting the line in one case. So far this and other attempts have only resulted in re-compile errors for me.

  • Markus Dolze

    Markus Dolze - 2014-03-06

    For supporting more than 3 interfaces you just change the '3' to '6' and run 'make' again. It is just a loop counter for the number of interfaces that can occur in the configuration file.

    Note that '#define' is not a comment, but a pre-processor macro. Do not remove the '#'!


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