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lbDMF 1.0rc3 has been released

This release contains many changes to get a better working application.

The main enhancements are using initial Sqlite database to enable easy
tryout of the software. The software should run out of the box.

Additionally an UML (XMI) export has been added
to enable reverse engineering of existing database schemas.

A new documentation has been added that explains usage with BoUML
and as an example for reverse engineering the postbooks database is
used.... read more

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2009-03-15

lbDMF 1.0rc2 has been released

This release fixes some bugs that I have made in packaging. Now I have made as many tests that will proove the correctness of the packages.

Many bugfixes are made:

* There were missing code modules
* Packaging for Linux improved and also bugs fixed
* Fixed property grid display problems when compiled against GTK 2.0
* Other minor bugfixes

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2007-10-16

lbDMF 1.0rc1 has been released

The most important new feature would be importing UML designs.
To make a database application prototype, you now only need to design
some classes with attributes and build relations using an aggregate
from one class to another.

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2007-07-14

Version 0.7.1 has been released.

This is a source code bugfix release. There were problems building it out of the box. Fixed missing contribution library code. Now it should only depend on wxWidgets library without additional contribution code for that library. Also fixed MS SQL foreign key detection.

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2006-04-23

Version 0.7.0 has been released

Added features are loading from and saving to a file. Such as configuration data. The GUI saves states like maximized or not, load or don't load last logged in application.

New RPM/SRPM packages for Linux and Binary samples for all supported platforms.

The Mac installation process needs to be tested due to unclear issues about ODBC driver setup procedure.

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2006-03-30

Version 0.6.0 has been released.

This release contains fully tested documentation.
So the application can be used to setup database
applications in some minutes. That done, the sample screenshot in my documentation shows Configuration on Mac, App on Linux/Windows (at the same time).

More can be viewed on my homepage.

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2005-12-14

lbDMF-0.5.1 has been released

This release has the following new features:

New database form layout (panel based in a tabbed view).
New database type (SQL_BIGINT).
New detection of readonly data columns (group by/aggregates).

Bugfixes, API enhancements regarding new features.

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2005-10-02

Plugin architecture implemented

New plugin architecture implemented as C++ API.
It allows to load a plugin by searching for an interface
name. If one of the plugins contains one with that interface, it would be loaded and used.

The login wizard plugin sample shows automatically loading the plugin and integrating it in the menu.

The database plugin is tested on all platforms and works
without any problems.
Linux and mac users did not see the checkbox in some of the forms. This is due to my ODBC driver settings.
If you use postgreSQL, please deactivate bool as char conversion.

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2005-03-17

Mac OSX GUI sample works

I have got built the source tree on my Mac OS X 10.3.8.
There is not yet a new release, but you can check it out
from CVS. A new screenshot is available.

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2005-03-06

Now I am porting to Mac OS X

Porting to Mac OS X is the biggest efford in my last work.
But there are also bug fixes that let the GUI work in the same manner on Windows and Linux.

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2005-02-24

New release with code for dynamically created forms

This release contains new code to dynamically build
database forms. It also demonstrate a login and application selection procedure. It is a starting point for prototyping. See

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2005-01-25

First GUI database form sample

Now I have nearly a working database forms sample. Tested under Linux and Windows. Hint:
You need an ODBC database source 'trainres' user 'dba' and password 'trainres' with table world.
Columns: objecttyp char(300), x integer, y, integer, w integer, h integer and an unique id integer as the primary key with automatic values.

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2004-07-18

First release candidat for a production version

Now I have uploaded a first release candidate for a stable version. I will begin porting my other apps with it. It contains an C++ ODBC wrapper wich was my last big step thorwards a stable / usable version for my development.

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2004-01-15

Repository is created now


now the team members have created the repository
for me. And now all can have a look, what I have
done :-)
Please notice: I have my own make file system and
a specific editor (much comments)

Posted by Lothar Behrens 2003-02-12