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update of version 2.3 added support for 256x256 tiles added,
update of version 2.4 added support for list of saved settings files, and option to run them as a continuing tasks.

Posted by exi 2013-11-10


update of version 2.1 and 2.2

New futures since version 2.0
Great zoom dir automatic.
Settings files get saved in zoom dir.
you can load old and new settings files, but only new can load and run at the same time.
you can load your own settings file.
nothing changed in unit2.pas so you can stile use your old definitions just replace the new one with your old one.
max number of tile has been slim down to 79x79 pr session (witch is more then the old software could deal with.... read more

Posted by exi 2013-11-03


Simple GUI software that can convert you log from aprs.fi (text saved in file) to a xastir usable log file for replay.

it is simple, you can just paste your log in a text file and save it (right form the web-page) then you open the file in the program and it generate a file that xastir can read. and you can play your log file for analyze.

Posted by exi 2013-10-05


Hi !
Finally got time to remove all url and upload the map grabber. version 2.0 (beta) is no uploaded... sorry about the long time. Had an unexpected HDD failure, but no critical data lost...

As you will see you need to fill in the wms server name and its layer in form2
Let me know if you have any problems filling this in. as mention b4 because of license issue I can not fill them out in the code. however it should work on most wms server that display data this way. for Norwegian users if you use English global settings you should be ok using this. if you get , insted of . sett the LCL to English on command when starting application. And u will get the neede . instead of, sorry about that.... read more

Posted by exi 2012-08-25 Labels: xastir-map-grabber


xastir-capture is a freepascal program (you open it in lazarus if you wish, its fpc based like lazarus) the program is just a simple program for using ImageMagick to capture a png file in the directory you are standing...) the purpose of this is to build a screen-shot of what you are seeing "live" so you can make documentation later..

It is not limit to xastir.. nb read README b4 you start.
use xwininfo to find out your xastir session, and use the program as this:
xastir-grabber "session name" "delay in ms"... read more

Posted by exi 2012-07-24

xastir/uiview wms map grabber

The map grabber for making a search area offline "cached" have been tested and used since January this year. It have become a usable tool for getting the data down the pipe line. How ever it is at the current stage not possible for me to release the hole source code. The reason for this is that there is some wms url that have to be removed before I can legally release the code. One of the public available wms servers has a legal clause that say it can not be released ad part of a software. some of the other is not so strict, so if you have any inputs or question pleas contact me.... read more

Posted by exi 2012-06-07 Labels: map-grabber

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