Lazarus 0.9.30 released

The Lazarus team is glad to announce the 0.9.30 release. This release
is based on fpc 2.4.2.

This release is available for download at the SourceForge download page:

Minimum requirements:
Windows: 98, 2k, Vista, 7, 32 or 64bit
FreeBSD/Linux: gtk 2.8 or qt4.5, 32 or 64bit
Mac OS X: 10.4, LCL only 32bit, non LCL apps can be 64bit

Highlights / Major changes:

* Windows CE: support for clipboard and keypad devices
* GTK2 and GTK1 interfaces are now separated.
GTK1 is no longer maintained by the Lazarus team,
but patches are still welcome.
* fpGUI: the LCL interface to fpGUI now supports all components
on the standard page.
* QT: support for Haiku
* Layout and autosizing is now more consistent across widgetsets,
overhead was reduced, improved cross platform layouts and complex forms.
* Added gif reader
* TLazIntfImage - New function AlphaBlend, which can alpha blend
an intfimage into another, using a separate intfimage as the
alpha channel.
* Unit chart and its component TBarChar are deprecated.
See the new package TAChartLazarusPkg.

* Support for FPC resources:
You can now use {$R *.lfm} instead of {$i unit1.lrs}.
* The Delphi converter has improved a lot.
* Build modes, build macros and conditionals now allows
different sets of compiler options for projects and packages.
* Editor
* Hiding (Folding) of comments in Pascal source.
* Allow Multiple Source-Editor Windows
* Allow several Views of the same Source
* User-defined color-schemes.
* Identifier-completion pop-up is now resizeable
* Project compiler options can now be saved as default for new projects.
* When opening a project only those forms are opened
that were open when project was closed.
* Various designer usability improvements:
* arrow and tab keys switching between components
* resize/move cancellation using ESC key
* save/restore of the form window state in the project session
* skip snapping when Alt key is pressed
* When creating a new project the default unit output directory
is now lib/$(TargetCPU)-$(TargetOS). Target file name is project1.
This has no impact on old projects.
* IDE now preserves the line endings of source files (it uses
the line ending of the first line, it does not preserve mixed
line endings).
* You can now quickly switch between several versions / branches of
packages by defining the preferred package file name for each dependency.
* You can now use the IDE directive %H- to hide individual hints,
notes and warnings.
* The IDE can be made dockable. Install either the package
AnchorDockingDsgn or EasyDockMgrDsgn.
* The ToDo list was moved to a separate package: todolistlaz.lpk.
* Czech translation added

Debugger / Editor
* Inserted/Deleted lines during a debug session are now tracked.
Breakpoints and Execution-line are adjusted.
* Step out command implementation (by Flavio)
* Show execution point command
* Single Instruction step (over/into)
* UI Improvements: Toolbars for Watches, Breakpoints, Disassembler
* Watches: Enabled display formats (mem-dump, Hex, Default, ..)
* Disassembler added navigation: jump to address / return to execution point
* Improved reaction speed: It is possible to continue stepping
without having to wait for all watches, locals, ... to be evaluated

* The IDE got some options to become easier for students and pupils
and there is a new package EducationLaz adding options to hide
complex parts of the IDE
* New AggPas (Anti Grain Geometry for Object Pascal) package,
now supporting FPImage and LCL. AggPas highlights: Subpixel rendering,
8-bit alpha channel, paths, platform independent rendering using
pure pascal
* TAChart update, including: stacked and rotated series, 3 new types
of series, axis transformations, interactive tools, 6 new demos and
other improvements

And thousands of fixes and smaller changes. The detailed list of changes can be
found here:

Posted by Vincent Snijders 2011-03-28

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