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Website Update

The LayManSys website has been updated to present more information to you: There is now a directory of all contributed packages and the full reference book is online available as HTML files.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2007-04-10

LayManSys 0.4.0 released

As announced last week, here we are: After a really long time LayManSys 0.4 comes to light. It contains only some bugfixes because the new XML layout configuration introduced with 0.3 could be verified as stable. The most important change in release 0.4 is that the documents top level heading has now the ID "top" while previous version had "doktitel". So you may have to update stylesheets or javascript code, but in most cases there should not be any problem.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2007-03-27

Continuing Work on LayManSys 0.4

Based on the very mature 0.3 release I will start working on LayManSys 0.4 the next days and weeks. This version consists of some minor bug fixes, new features (mostly configuration issues) will be introduced in LayManSys 0.5 coming this spring. But before this we need a better project website. So please "stay tuned" on LayManSys.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2007-03-13

LayManSys 0.3.0 Demo Released

With a short delay of one day, there is now also the demo for LayManSys 0.3.0 available. You should use this demo files only together with version 0.3.x, some features do not work with earlier releases.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2006-09-03

LayManSys 0.3.0 Released

I'm very proud to announce LayManSys 0.3.0. This is a development release for testing the new layout configuration files in XML format. It also includes some minor bug fixes, a complete documentation and supports browser favicons.

This release is not intended for production environments; for a really stable version please use LayManSys 0.2.0. The next stable release will be 0.4.0, which will be a bug fix and minor feature enhancement release.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2006-09-01

New contrib package: docbooktoc

docbooktoc is a XSLT file for generating a XHTML table of contents file using a DocBook XML book. It is very useful if you split a book into several XHTML files, because DocBook currently does not provide a toc over the whole book. More information can be found on its homepage at You can download docbooktoc under

Posted by Robert Bienert 2006-08-31

New contrib package: xsd2db

There is a new contributed package out: xsd2db is a XML Schema to DocBook XML converter, which is used internally for generating DocBook XML from XML Schema Definition files. As a "side effect" the transformation tool can also be used for converting plain XML files. More information can be found on its homepage at, you can download it from the file releases section under

Posted by Robert Bienert 2006-06-17

Information about CVS access updated

Due to SourceForge's CVS server reorganization I had to update the CVS access information on the projects website and in the documentation. The new CVS server for laymansys is which can be accessed on the web via

Posted by Robert Bienert 2006-06-12

LayManSys 0.2.0 Released

I am very proud to announce LayManSys 0.2.0. This release contains some bugfixes and can be seen as a next step closer to a flexible Layout Management System. For testing the new version I also updated the demo package.

The reference handbook has been reviewed and many mistakes have been corrected; as an addition, there is a new section described the file formats used. Its HTML version now comes with a TOC file and so is as easy to use as the PDF.... read more

Posted by Robert Bienert 2006-04-21

LayManSys 0.2 soon ready

The work on LayManSys 0.2 has been done and now I am waiting for for releasing the new LayManSys version - the first one which is intended for production systems. Keep on "listening", LayManSys 0.2 will arrive this weekend!

Posted by Robert Bienert 2006-04-21

Developing LayManSys 0.2

While trying to use LayManSys for its own project website (, I discovered some nasty bugs, that are based on "features" I wanted to deprecate with LayManSys 0.2, so the work for the next release has been started. Release 0.2 will only change minor things, but it may be incompatible with previous version. More details will follow the next days.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2006-02-28

Website Tools released

LayManSys now contains some contrib packages with tools that are used on the project website for generating XHTML chunks or transforming DocBook XML files. You can download the packages contrib-docbookm and contrib-xsltoc from the File Releases section under or browse their contents in the CVS repository under Information about current and future packages is and will be available on the LayManSys project website

Posted by Robert Bienert 2006-02-27

LayManSys library 0.1.1 released

The LayManSys Reference Handbook is now completed, so this is the main reason I released 0.1.1. As the patch lavel 1 indicates, there is also a slightly source code update: LayManSys now also puts the documents content type in the <head> like this: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="..." />. The reason for this is making LayManSys more useable for command line processing of PHP files. You can download this release including the handbook from

Posted by Robert Bienert 2005-12-10

LayManSys 0.1.0 and Demo 0.1.1 Released

The experiences I made with the two beta releases of LayManSys and its demo package helped me improving LayManSys a bit so that I can release now the first package that might be stable. NOTE that version 0.1 is incompatible with the beta versions if you do not apply the database update lib/errors/update.sql.

This LayManSys release is the base for future developments and it is planned that its code base does not change dramatically so that there were incompatibilities between different versions.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2005-10-31

Backward Compatibility Issue

Today I tried importing the error_log SQL database table into PostgreSQL, using the distributed error_log.sql file (see for its current source) and found that it is currently valid MySQL code, but does not work with PostgreSQL. So I read WikiPedias article about SQL ( and found out, that some columns have reserved terms as names and there are column types, that are not standardized. I will fix this issue as good as possible, which means, that the distributed error logging feature will be modified, so that it is NOT backward compatible with the current release.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2005-10-28

Seperate LayManSys Demo 0.1.0 available

The LayManSys project has reached a point where developing the demo package is mostly independent from the library package, so I decided dividing the downloads into two packages. The current demo 0.1.0 is compatible to the latest laymansys library beta release and will be compatible to future 0.x releases.

The new demo package features using the dynamic navigation with the getNavigation() function.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2005-10-24

Second Public Beta Out Now!

After recognizing, that the first beta release is unable to work, I fixed the bugs very quickly and here it is, the second public beta, which should be the first working one. Check the files section for the downloads or use cvs by checking out the tree tagged with "Beta_2005_10_22". This release also contains a demo package for playing with LayManSys. And now, have fun with it!

Posted by Robert Bienert 2005-10-21

First Public Beta Available for Testing

I am very proud to announce the first public beta release of LayManSys for testing. This release is NOT made for production systems, it may contain minor and major bugs that I want to find with this release. You can obtain the beta under or via anonymous CVS with ``cvs export -r Beta_2005_10_21 MODULE'', where MODULE is first doc and than etc, lib and logo.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2005-10-20

Welcome to LayManSys!

Well, although it will take still some time until announcing a first LayManSys release, there is already a growing number of library files in the CVS repository (, giving a first idea of what LayManSys will be. In the next weeks I am going to finish working on the source files (in the CVS) and start writing the documentation as well as a FAQ, tutorials and so on. I also have to upload or check-in some contributed library files, e.g. for a navigation panel, HTTP and PHP errors.

Posted by Robert Bienert 2005-10-06

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