1.25 Released

Things are moving right along. I had intended this to primarily be a bug fix release but I couldn't help myself from adding some necessary features.

I've heard from plenty of people that they would like the ability to add their own customized commands. Well, that is now available through the Runny plugin. To add your own commands to Runny, right click on Launchy and go to the Plugins dialog. From there click on Runny and hit the Plugin Options button.

Here is the laundry list of changes for version 1.25:

New Features:
• New control panel plugin (indexes control panel apps)
• Runny plugin (customizable commands)
• Notification of new Launchy Releases (can be turned off)
• Command line argument support (hit tab and type the arguments)
• Can use ‘.*’ as a filetype for directories
• Plugins can be enabled/disabled (right click on launchy, go to plugins)
• Plugins can now have configurable options
• Always on top is now configurable
• Special thanks to Sean Poon http://gakuseisean.deviantart.com for the use of his wonderful icons for the plugins

• Bug Fixes:
o Removed startup crash bug
o Fixed Weby bug (it was hard to select Google)
o Fixed mouse disappearance in dropdown menu
o Launchy no longer jumps when you change skins
o Launchy no longer flashes on startup
o Calcy took priority over files with numbers, fixed
o Launchy can now be placed in the corner of the screen

Posted by Josh 2007-04-20

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