1.0 Beta Released!

Lots of new features and bug fixes. This has pretty much everything that I wanted in a 1.0 release. Note that Launchy has moved its configuration files to docs and settings\username\Application Data\Launchy. This means that your settings will be wiped clean. You can find your old config files in launchy\users\username\


• Launchy displays the full path and icon to files in the dropdown suggestions box.
• Filetypes can now be specifically set for each directory to index
• Always on top mode added
• USB Mode added
• Configurable index scan interval
• Configuration files moved to docs and settings\username\Applications\Launchy\ which is friendlier to users with limited access accounts.

• Bug Fixes:
o The Launchy startup on auto-login crash should be gone
o No longer presumes icon index is located in C:\ o Hotkey window now initializes with current hotkey
o Configuration files now less likely to be corrupted due to restart during saving

Posted by Josh 2006-09-11

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