Launchy github repository (with fixes)

  • Anonymous - 2012-05-17

    I got fed up with Launchy eating up all of the CPU when updating the catalog, so I downloaded the source and made a quick windows-only fix. Works for me. Also I fixed some issues with .pro files that prevented QT Creator from compiling the plugins.

    I uploaded the repo to github
    I think if we all move to github and start collaborating (I saw that people here make x64 builds, bugfixes etc) together, we might resuscitate this neat little program as a community fork.

  • PIK

    PIK - 2012-05-29

    Best idea since sourceforge ;-)  I think we need no more to hope and waiting for code from…

    Optimizing for compiling (QT storys), for x64, for min. resources, bugfixing. Make new installer for x86 and x64.

    Code changes for x64 Win (nreale3370) are very good. From my userspace way of looking at things ;-) it works perfect (win7sp1 x64).

    My suggestion:
    Shift + Enter will run the exe as admin (brings UAC into the scene for confirmation). And I can also starting for example regedit wit Launchy :-)


    But I'm afraid, only you and nreale have HERE enough abilities and skills to bring the project littlebit forwards.
    On another hand, its not unusable. There is not much to make it 2012 from pleasable to good.

  • Amadawn

    Amadawn - 2012-06-14

    This is a great idea, since there has been basically zero activity on the project for 2 years!

    I went to your github repo, but I found no installer to download. Do you plan to add one?
    Also, did you start from the most recent SVN code? Do you know if that includes the code on 2.6 beta 2?



  • Ricardo

    Ricardo - 2017-04-12

    Is project dead????

  • J. Ledvina

    J. Ledvina - 2017-04-12

    I'd say it is, but J. Preiss might disagree with me:

    There's been no activity from karlinjf in many, many years. There have been a few forks over the years, but no one has created any appearance of a sustained effort to resurrect it. the forum activity has been only the rare request for help.

    I switched to using Listary a couple of years ago. It's got a main feature of helping you navigate your files in file explorer and open/save dialogs, but it has application launching features that are a fine replacement for Launchy for my needs.

    I guess this post marks the day that I turn off email notifications of these forum posts.

  • bege

    bege - 2017-04-26

    Keypirihna is almost like Launchy - but a bit better and well maintained.


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