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Google Calendar Plugin 2.0

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  • David

    David - 2008-01-04

    I've rewritten my Gcal Launchy plugin so that it will work in the new version of Launchy as well. It lets you post events to your Google Calendars by using Google's Quick Add syntax. Here's the download link:


    To install it you have to unpack the zip file into your Launchy directory and then restart Launchy. To authenticate your account the plugin uses ClientLogin so you'll have to enter your login information to the plugin's settings. As with the first version of the plugin, this information is only sent to Google's servers over a secure connection about every two weeks when the authorization token returned by Google expires.

    The syntax for adding items is abit different in this plugin compared to the old one. Adding events to your default calendar works exactly the same as with the first version though:

    gCal <tab> quick add syntax <enter>

    but if you want to add items to another calendar than your default calendar the syntax looks like this now:

    gCal <tab> quick add syntax <tab> calendar name <enter>

    To quickly bring up your calendars in your browser you can use the shortcut: gCal <tab><enter>. The plugin has only been tested on two computers so far, one with Vista 32bit and the other with XP SP2.. so some feedback would be much appreciated.

    I'd also like to add that I'm not entirely happy with how this plugin works on a technical level. I still had to make use of WinHTTP for the connections that requires SSL because I never managed to get QHttp/QSslSocket working with OpenSSL properly. If any developer here has managed to get QHttp with SSL working for Launchy please let me know because I really would like to get rid of the WinHTTP dependency.

    Finally, on a side note, for those looking for a Launchy 2.0 compatible version of my Todoist plugin I'd like to mention that it is done and that I sent it to the guy behind Todoist on Tuesday this week but that I still haven't got any response from him about it yet. So hopefully that will get released within the next couple of days as well. :)


    • leal

      leal - 2008-01-05


         Great news! Thanks a lot!

         At least, it works well with such quick add syntax `gCal <tab> Dinner with Someone 7pm tomorrow <tab> blah` on Windows 2000 SP4.


    • John Griffin

      John Griffin - 2008-01-12

      Thanks for this! Really useful!

    • Oompa

      Oompa - 2008-01-15

      This plugin is amazing! Now all I really need is a more advanced calculator plugin.

    • Emagin

      Emagin - 2008-01-18

      When I run gcal from Launchy I get:
      you are attempting to open a file of tyhpe 'application extension' (.dll)
      OPEN WITH  and CANCEL button

      I'm using Win XP SP2
      I have entered Gcal Apps userID and pw. Does it not work with Google Apps calendars?

    • mccalix

      mccalix - 2008-01-25

      This is a great plugin.  I have one minor problem, although it's very easy to work around.

      Typing the following does not work, although it does using Quick Add in Google Calendar:
      Dinner with Robert & Donna next Saturday 6pm

      Replace the "&" with "and" and it works fine.  It seems that there is some problem parsing an ampersand.

      Again, a very minor problem in an incredibly useful tool.  Thanks!

      • David

        David - 2008-01-25

        Hi mccalix!
        You're right the ampersand messes up the request to Google and a 400 Bad Request is returned. Careless of me not to test the plugin with such characters before releasing this. I will fix it and upload a new version as soon as I can.

        Thanks for letting me know about this issue!

        • David

          David - 2008-03-22

          I've now fixed this issue so you should be able to post events with ampersands in them to your calendars. You can get the new version from my site.

    • glenviewjeff

      glenviewjeff - 2008-02-09

      Thanks for the nice tool.  Would you mind adding support for multiple accounts?  If not, could you just make a second plugin, name it gcal2 or something, and make launchy think there are two accounts?  I would do this if you made the source avail.


    • GuiFra

      GuiFra - 2008-02-14

      I David,

      Your plugin seems to be awesome, but I have a big problem at work : the Proxy there is an autoconfig URL, which doesn't allow me to use proxycfg. In order to configure WinHTTP application, it seems you have to use WPAD, and then you call WinHttpGetProxyForUrl to do the autoproxy lookup. If I understood well. Is it possible to do that with you plugin ?

      Thanx a lot !

      • David

        David - 2008-02-23

        Since the plugin makes use of both WinHttp AND QHttp atm I don't think the plugin would work even if you managed to correctly configure your proxy settings for WinHttp. I actually want to get rid of the WinHttp dependency altogether so that I can use QHttp's proxy functionality for the plugin. But until I figure out a way to get SSL working with QHttp I have to stick with WinHttp because the authorization requests sent to Google are made using https.

        • Fred

          Fred - 2008-03-23

          This plugin is simply amazing. I use it everyday

          I also used everyday Remember the milk. My account is accessible through Gcalender. The RTM account shows as a calender.

          But I was wandering if it is possible to have access to my RTM account(Remember the milk) and be able to enter my tasks via the Gcal plugin if my RTM account is integrated in my Google calender account. I tried it several times but obviosly it doesn't work. Maybe it's me but or maybe there is a short cut that i can use.

    • Oliver

      Oliver - 2008-02-22


      thanks for a great plugin. I have one problem:

      when I enter a date in a request such as:
      gCal ► Call David 2/26 and then press Tab again to enter it to a special calendar, it changes the entered text to
      gCal ► Call David 2\26.gCal.args

      and the argument is not transmitted correctly and the appointment is added to the current day as
      Call David 2\26.gCal.args

      Seems like a small bug, would be great if it could be fixed some time.

      Thanks and regards,

      • David

        David - 2008-02-23

        Hey Oliver,
        I'm aware of this issue already but I don't think there's anything I can do to fix it. My guess is that this happens because Launchy tries to interpret the forward slashes as being part of a path to some file on your system(?) If anyone knows of a way to fix this please let me know and I will update the plugin.

        Thanks! I'm glad you like the plugin.


    • Ajay Shyanbhog

      Ajay Shyanbhog - 2008-03-25

      launchy + todoist plugin is a great tool, got addicted to the setup in a day!


    • Hal Rottenberg

      Hal Rottenberg - 2008-07-10

      *gasp* This is so awesome.  :)

    • Yorick

      Yorick - 2008-08-08

      Amazing, thanks a lot!

    • Kyle Upton

      Kyle Upton - 2008-08-20

      AWEsome plugin

      I'm running into problems with entering events into different calendars though. Some of my calendars work, some do not.

      gcal[tab]test Sept 8[tab]Amy's Calendar
      works fine

      gcal[tab]test Sept 8[tab]A Marketing
      never shows up

      I can get events to appear in 5 of my 8 different calendars - my top calendar and 3 shared calendars that were created by someone else (Google Apps domain sharing) and shared with me. The 3 calendars I can't get events to appear in are 3 that I created, two which are sharing with individuals, one not shared. I tried setting in the Settings to match the calendars that work, but no luck.

      Any suggestions?


    • Cary B.

      Cary B. - 2008-10-13

      I'm sorry for the question in advance, but how do you "change the settings" so I can log in using this plugin?

    • Andy Kaplan-Myrth

      A couple of notes about using the gcal plugin with Google Apps accounts. I use Google Apps for my calendar, so was very pleased that this plugin even partially works to get content into my calendar.

      Unfortunately, there seem to be two problems:

      1. It only works for my default calendar. If I do the second tab and specify a calendar, the event just doesn't appear in my calendar at all. This is true even if the calendar I specify is my default calendar. The only way to get something into my calendar is to just do "gcal[TAB]event details", and it goes into my default calendar.

      2.I can't pull up my calendar with gcal[TAB][Enter], as should work for this plugin. When I try that, it goes to the google page asking me to register for Calendar.

      I think both of these could be solved either with an upgrade to this plugin with an option for people using Google Apps to specify their domain name. The plugin could then construct the url which is only slightly different from the default urls.


    • Chaebi

      Chaebi - 2009-08-01

      Can anyone write a thoroughly or in-depth guide on how to make this work? I don't even know what to do right after downloading the plugin and extracting them on the Plug-In folder.

      • sunchess

        sunchess - 2009-08-02

        Yeah, i dont get it to. Could somebody write a short step-by-step manual?

    • troy_mcclure

      troy_mcclure - 2009-08-24

      Thanks for this plugin.  Is there a way to use it to add a task rather than an event?  That would be pretty helpful.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-05-10

    I've been experiencing crashes with Launchy immediately on startup…it just folds like a house of cards and Dr. Watson comes in to clean up.

    After deleting DLLs from the plug-ins folder it turns out that it's the gcal plugin that's doing it which sucks since I use it extensively :(

    How can I help be a part of the solution?

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