Ampy - Winamp/iTunes/Foobar control

  • Serge Baranov

    Serge Baranov - 2008-09-22

    I've created a new plug-in which allows to control several media players from Launchy:

    Supported players:
    - Winamp (all versions)
    - foobar2000 (0.7.x & 0.8.x, 0.9.x)
    - iTunes (4.7+, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x)
    - Quintessential Media Player (QCD 4.x, QMP 1xx)
    - Winamp API compatible players:
    - Apollo
    - MediaMonkey
    - AIMP Classic

    Make sure to check readme_ampy.txt inside for installation and usage instructions.
    Only basic functionality at the moment (play/pause/stop/next/previous/exit), more features coming later if there will be any interest.

    • Serge Baranov

      Serge Baranov - 2008-09-22

      Version 1.1 released:
      - amip[TAB] commands for AMIP API (readme)
      - play[TAB] to play songs from the active playlist

      If you have comments, please post them at

    • Downling

      Downling - 2008-11-24

      Good stuff! Works nicely with foobar. Thanks a lot.
      More features are coming? Can't wait... =)

    • duramas

      duramas - 2009-01-30

      Almost perfect plugin, except for the fact that the play songs from active playlist feature doesn't work with large playlists. =/

    • MikeVertx

      MikeVertx - 2009-02-26

      this does not work correctly. :(

      installed everything via the readme file,
      followed the link for amip installed that as well,

      amp[tab] *
      = play and stop commands work.  but 'next' or 'previous' just seem to select a completly random song from my playlist... I tried loading various playlists and even just loading 4 or 5 songs to see...and it seems to pick out whatever song it feels like playing as oppose to the actual next or previous in the now playing playlist. :(

      amip commands don't work at all for winamp... control+J works but that feature is allready built-in to winamp so obsolete far as typing amip commands into launchy such as 'rew' doesn't do anything.

      dissapointed as I thought this would be a helpful shortcut for quick things...

    • Serge Baranov

      Serge Baranov - 2009-08-10

      Sorry for the late reply, as I said, feedback should go to the AMIP forum, I'm not watching this thread.

      As for the next/previous commands, they emulate the pressing on the next/previous buttons in your player. Most likely you have Shuffle ON, therefore next/previous buttons switch to the random track. I'll consider adding special commands that will switch to the next/previous tracks basing on the playlist index.

      What concerns the AMIP commands, you should really read the documentation, for example the pause action using native AMIP command would be:

      amip[TAB]control pause

      for rewind one would type

      amip[TAB]control rew


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