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  • Anonymous

    I want to be able to use my custom Firefox search keywords with Launchy. Is this possible?  For example, if I type **loc Germany** into the Firefox address bar, Firefox knows to pass the term **Germany** as my search term at ****, and automatically bring up that page… just as if I had gone to **** myself and typed **Germany** into the primary search box and clicked **Search**.

    This is fantastic.  I use this all the time.

    Now, all I want is for Launchy to behave the same way, as if it were just like my Firefox address bar.  However, it does not do this.  I have searched and searched for a solution to this and all I find are dead ends.  Here are some of those dead ends.

    - **The Foxy Plugin (foxy.dll)** :: This looked like a winner, until I discovered that it no longer works with Launchy 2.x
    - **The Weby Plugin (weby.dll)** :: This is supposed to be the replacement for Foxy in Launchy 2.x. Given the description of this plugin that appears in the "Read Me" PDF of the Launchy installer package, it should do exactly what it is that I want it to do as I have explained above. But hey! guess what…it doesn't.
    - **Editing about:config** :: Yep, I tried this to. The result is that all of my bookmarks are indexed by Launchy. That's cool and somewhat useful. But it still doesn't deliver the goods. If I type **loc Germany** into Launchy and press , it searches for the phrase "loc Germany" which is utterly useless to me.

    Please help. I'm very frustrated, as I have been searching for an answer to this for about one hour now and have found nothing.

  • Simon

    The trick is to add the Firefox keywords as Weby keywords. For example Add a new keyword to Weby<table><tr><td>loc</td><td></td>
    Not ideal as you have to duplicate all your Firefox keywords, but to get Launchy to do what you want, we'd have to start loading up Firefox's history and bookmarks database which would add a fairly large overhead and then we'd be reliant on the format remaining the same across different version of Firefox.


  • Anonymous

    we'd have to start loading up Firefox's history and bookmarks database

    Would you? I'm writing from a public computer right now, so I can't test this out myself, but when Firefox writes the bookmarks.html file (as achieved via the about:config mod mentioned above) doesn't that file also include any data contained in any of the optional fields that appear in the Save/Edit Bookmark dialog? Don't fields like Name, Tag(s) and Keyword get dumped into the bookmarks.html file as well?


  • Anonymous

    May as well disregard my previous post (#3), as I just confirmed that, indeed, the bookmarks.html file doesn NOT have information about tags or other keywords.  Bummer.


  • Anonymous

    i use omnibar for FF so i know what youre talking about .you would like to do the inputs thru launchy…

    unfortunatly there is no way to have ffs omnibar function in launchy or automatically syncronize webby plugin with firefox's search engines and their keywords yet …. only manually


  • Anonymous

    if only someone could figure how to send launchy input into firefox's addressbar, wonder what would require that