MathyResurrected - Mathy like for Launchy2

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  • Tomislav Adamic

    Tomislav Adamic - 2009-08-11

    I've created replacement for Mathy that works on latest Launchy and replicates most of the Mathy functionality. Check it out here:

    • trtrtr trtrtr

      trtrtr trtrtr - 2009-08-14

      Thanks for your work. I have already used this plugin.
      I found a bug:  I input "pi", the mathyresurrected output '1.57'.
      Is it a bug?

      And can you take some example to show me the uses about "colon" or "semicolon" in the plugin setting?

    • Tomislav Adamic

      Tomislav Adamic - 2009-08-15

      About pi, yes, I see it, it's a bug, I'll fix it ASAP...

      About "colon" and semi colon: it is for functions that have multiple arguments like pow and atan2... For example:

      pow (2i+3; 4)

      There are few such functions, which you can check in Readme.txt...

      I'm using colon (or semicolon) because I currently have no way to resolve ambiguity in locales where coma is used as decimal separator. For example, in these countries expression like:

      pow (2,3,4)

      would be ambiguous because it is not clear does above mean 2,3^4 or 2^3,4...

    • Tomislav Adamic

      Tomislav Adamic - 2009-08-15

      Ok, fixed now, I'm uploading it so it should be available soon... Also, I now allow use of ',' (coma) for function argument separator in locales where ',' is not decimal separator. Thanks for the bug report, hope you'll enjoy the plugin...

  • The Lost One

    The Lost One - 2010-04-03

    Unfortunately the plugin doesn't work anymore with Launchy 2.5 final.
    Is it possible to make it work again with the latest version?

    Thank you!

  • Tomislav Adamic

    Tomislav Adamic - 2010-04-04

    Yes, that's a known problem with launchy plugins. I curently have no time to make new build but will try to do it in a week. As soon as I do it, I'll post a note here…

  • The Lost One

    The Lost One - 2010-04-04

    Thank you elgrunon!

  • Tomislav Adamic

    Tomislav Adamic - 2010-04-10

    Ok, it's done, you can get it from SF… enjoy…

  • The Lost One

    The Lost One - 2010-04-10

    Thanks a lot elgrunon!
    I just downloaded it.

  • Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith - 2010-04-24

    WOW!  You are the man!

    I was using an old version of launchy for a long time because the newer versions didn't work with Mathy.  Then a couple of years ago I dropped Launchy altogether.  Just came back to see new launchy version 2.5.0 and your MathyResurrected!

    I guess you fixed it because it seems to be working for me with the current Launchy.

    Awesome work my friend.  Thank you so much!  Appreciate your hard work… Hope you will continue to be able to develop it. :D

  • Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith - 2010-04-24

    Question… is there a way to copy the result to the clipboard.  With Calcy you press enter and it does this.

    Thanks again!  Sorry for the double posts.  I got excited. :D :D

  • The Lost One

    The Lost One - 2010-04-24

    I admit that would be great!

  • Tomislav Adamic

    Tomislav Adamic - 2010-04-25

    Thanks for your replies… I like the idea so will see what can be done about it… As usual, any changes will be announced here…

  • The Lost One

    The Lost One - 2010-04-25

    That was really fast and it works as suggested.

  • Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith - 2010-04-25

    Thank you so much for the quick response elgrunon!

    Great work!!

  • Amadawn

    Amadawn - 2010-06-03

    Amazing stuff. It works really well!

    I have a few requests if you don't mind:

    - It would be great to be able to manually select the "decimal separator" (to "." or to ","). I am using a european version of WindowsXP in which the default decimal separator is "," but I'd prefer using ".". Most calculators allow you to configure that and it'd be nice if mathy did too. In fact you can already use "." in your mathy expressions, but the mathy output uses "," rather than ".". One nice side effect of this is that if people selected "." as the decimal separator you could then let them also select to use "," as the function argument separator.

    - Mathy outputs a very small number for some operations that should return 0 (for example sin(pi) returns 1,22e-16). Maybe you could use (or let the user configure) some threshold below which Mathy would display 0 rather than the calculated value?

    - I'd be nice to have a way to access the last calculated value. Many calculators have an "ans" variable that contains the last result. Then you could use this variable in operations. For example you could do "2*ans" to get twice the last calculated value, etc.

    - It would be helpful to have a way to get a list of all supported functions. Perhaps you could have a "help" function or command that would show as its result a list of all the available functions.

    Finally, as a side note I would say that you should call your plugin Mathy2 since it is a version of mathy for Launchy 2. It is a bit ugly to see the ".mathyresurrected" on the Launchy result dropdown box (just my opinion of course).

    Anyway, really, really, really good work on this. Hopefully it will not break on future versions of Launchy! :-D

  • Tomislav Adamic

    Tomislav Adamic - 2010-06-03

    Hey, thank you for your ideas! For now I'll add feature requests on sourceforge page of the plugin. After that I'll see what can be done and when… As for the future of this plugin, I believe there is no fear for it. I'm a Launchy addict for years and can't imagine working without it. Beside that, I use marthyresurrected myself, actively, every day. Once again, thanks for the great ideas! :) Watch this thread or official page ( for updates…

  • Tomislav Adamic

    Tomislav Adamic - 2010-06-05

    New version out… I've implemented most of requests. The only thing I didn't do is "help" function. For list of available functions I suggest reading README that comes with the plugin. Plugin name will not change, but tags on Launchy dropdown list have changed. Hope you like the new plugin. As usually, you can ask for features and report bugs either here or here: Enjoy…

  • Amadawn

    Amadawn - 2010-06-07

    I just gave the new version a try and it is awesome. Thanks a lot for all the changes. Being able to change the decimal separator to "." is very cool, as is being able to use comma to separate function arguments and having mathy return 0 when it should. I also like a lot the "math" tag that you add to the results in the Launchy dropdown box!

    Oh, and I just discovered that you even implemented the "ans" variable. Really cool! :-D

    Ah, regarding the help file, could you rename the README file to mathy_readme.txt or something of the sort? There may be another plugin with a README file and if both call it README they will collide…

    If I may make an additional request it would be to add support for hex, binary and octal numbers. It would be great to be able to sum 0xFFEE and 0b1101, for instance. You could also add functions to convert tobin(), tohex() and tooctal().

    In addition, there could even be a new option which when enabled would show the results in decimal, binary and hexadecimal in the dropdown box. You could even let the user select the output formats that would like to see and/or make it automatic so that if the user does not use.

    This is a big feature request, but if implemented it would basically let me never open a stand alone calculator app and just use mathy!

    Thanks for all the changes you made. They are great!

  • Tomislav Adamic

    Tomislav Adamic - 2010-06-07

    Heh, always glad to see satisfied user :-D

    Once again, thanks for your ideas, it will be fun to implement (all of) them… Of course, feel free to add more if something comes on your mind…

  • Tomislav Adamic

    Tomislav Adamic - 2010-06-07

    Well, almost all… I've been thinking about these functions you propose… tobin(), tohex(), toooctal()… It seems that this woulb be impossible to implement, because expression that contains them either doesn't calculate or they are redundant in it…

    To show you what I mean, let's look at the simple example: "tohex(21)  + tobin(22)" What is the result of this? Hex number? Binary number? Or maybe something that is set in settings? If we set output to be for example hexaddecimal in settings, then why bother asking explicit conversion in expression anyway?

    So, I'm willing to implement recognition of hex, binary and octal numbers (cool "0xFFEE + 0b1101" expressions :-), but as it looks, there is no need for these functions… Or am I missing something? Anyway, I ask you to shed some more light on that part of your request…

  • Amadawn

    Amadawn - 2010-06-08

    Ok, let me clarify what I meant.

    There are in fact three parts to my request:

    1.- Be able to perform calculations with hex, binary and octal numbers:
    This means being able to do things such as (0xFFFE + 23 - 0b1101) * 0o734 (which by the way is 48109296)

    2.- Be able to view the results in decimal, binary, hex and octal:
    When I wrote my request I did not have a clear idea of how should that work. In fact there are several options:
       a.- The user could select which formats it wants Mathy to output (even several of them) and Mathy would always show those results in the selected format.
       b.- Mathy could always output in decimal by default, and the user could force mathy to output in hex, binary or octal format by using one of the proposed options: e.g. tobin(), tohex(), tooctal().
            In this context you are right that it does not make sense to be able to mix tobin() with tohex() for instance. However, see request #3 (below) for an explanation of why those functions are still useful.
       c.- A more sophisticated version of (b) could be one in which Mathy tries to guess the best output format. For example, if a decimal value is used Mathy could output decimal, but if a hex value is used then it would output in hex mode. If a bin value were used it would output in binary mode. If both hex and binary values were used, it would output both hex and binary formats and so on. Ideally you could select which formats you always want to see, and then let Mathy guess if any other format might interest you as well.

    3.- I would like Mathy to support different bit widths when performing hex/bin/oct calculations. I did not actually explicitly mention this in my previous post but it is the main reason why tobin, tohex and tooctal would be useful.
    This is certainly the least important request for most users (although it would be really nice in my line of work). It is also probably the most complex request and is normally only present in advanced hex calculators. However, it may also be the most fun to implement! ;-)

    Basically, in order to be able to perform certain types of calculations (in particular bitshift operations, bitwise and/or/xor operations, etc) you must be able to tell the calculator how many digits must be used to represent a number in binary or hex format. This is particularly important when dealing with negative numbers, in which sign extension is used (when using 2's complement representation for negative numbers, which is the most common).

    So it would be nice to have tobin(value, num_bits) and a tohex(value, num_digits) functions,  that let you force Mathy to use a certain number of bits to represent a number. Then you could do things like "tobin(-10, 8)", which would return "0b11110110" Then you could do an xor with another 10 bit binary number, etc.

    As I said, this is may be a bit outside of the domain of an inline calculator such as Launchy+Mathy, but it could be really useful for those of us that work with bits and bytes all day long :-D

    I hope this clarifies what I meant. Thank you again for all your work. Anything you do will be very welcome :-D

  • Tomislav Adamic

    Tomislav Adamic - 2010-06-08

    Ok, number 1 and 2 are easy enough, and I believe I'll finish them soon (actually, number 1 is done and most of the work for one form of number 2 is already done)… Number 3 is a quite challenging one because it would probably need some serious redesign of current plugin. I'm not saying it is impossible, and that I will not do it, but I don't know right now how and when… On the other side, your clarification was just the thing I needed. Now this feature doesn't seem redundant as is was on the first look… we'll see what comes from all that… thnx… :-D

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