Launchy displays on multiple monitors

  • Chuck Rogers

    Chuck Rogers - 2009-08-21

    It would be great to have Launchy pop up on all available monitors (dual monitor or multi-monitor displays) simultaneously.  This would be useful when the main monitor video display gets corrupted or is removed preventing access to it.  In that case we could still get access to Launchy on any of the other active monitors.

    Currently, my work-a-round has been to launch WinPad (AutoHotKey script) via Launchy (this works even without visualizing Launchy on the disabled monitor) and then select Win key + NumPadDiv or NumpadMult to gather all open windows to the current monitor.


  • Keith Yates

    Keith Yates - 2013-01-10

    I'd like this feature as well for it to pop-up on all monitors would be nice, or to center on the monitor where the mouse currently is.


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