can you add Pocket folders/executables?

  • muravei

    muravei - 2009-09-10

    The launchy thing is nice & all but it gives me many irrelevant results, like if I have folders like:

    VirtualDubMod 1_5_10_1_All_inclusive

    It will only list VirtualDub-1.9.4 foolder + many other  if I  type in virtualdub.

    So my Idea is to make designated pockets, simply put, you choose a folder/file & ass it to launchy & assign a letter combination like if i press V it will also list the virtualdub folder & all other folders I added to designated pokets.

    can you make this?

    • muravei

      muravei - 2009-09-10

      umm....where is the edit button?


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