History of commands

  • raghunandan Rao

    raghunandan Rao - 2008-08-20

    It will be great if we have a plugin that maintains history of commands run. I use launchy extensively with commmand line params
    ex: build.bat <tab> stop.all.services run.unit.tests start.all.services
    clearly the params are longer than the indexed command itself. so if we had a history that shows previous commands on crtl + <down> or some hot key say F3.

    This plugin will really improve my productivity... (which is what i use launchy for anyway)

    • Simon

      Simon - 2008-08-27

      I like the idea too. It'd need some support in Launchy itself to allow the plugin to track everything that's launched.

    • zk7

      zk7 - 2008-11-21

      This is a good idea - I'm quite used to doing 'up' or 'ctrl-r' in bash to search for previous commands run.
      I had a look at the plugin framework though, and I believe Simon is right - it would need support in the main Launchy app to keep track of past catalog items and map them to a appear on a key.

  • Anonymous - 2010-02-22

    Great idea, Ctrl+r and the arrows do great job in the linux shell.

  • GarryHarrison

    GarryHarrison - 2014-11-08

    I think the commands history would be great plugin for launchy. I do many calculations with MathyRessurected plugin, but in case of two or more almost similar equations I need type them as whole again each time. It is very unconviniet.


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