Firefox history?

  • Simon Waldman

    Simon Waldman - 2009-01-20

    I don't know how feasible this is without getting a huge footprint, but it would be great for launchy to be able to search in firefox's history as well as bookmarks.

    I guess the ideal would be to duplicate FF3's "awesome bar", but of course this is probably not practical :-)

    • Near Privman

      Near Privman - 2009-01-20

      I would suggest using AutoHotKey ( to automatically taking you to the Firefox address bar.
      The following code should do the trick:

      ifWinExist, ahk_class MozillaUIWindowClass
      } else {
          run "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
          WinWaitActive, ahk_class MozillaUIWindowClass
      send !d

  • david rees

    david rees - 2010-05-02

    This would be nice, the awesome bar is quite useful in Firefox. I think one of the hurdles would be that Firefox doesn't share this info, it keeps it in a private sql lite db. For bookmarks the workaround is to tell it to export them as HTML as well, but the equivalent doesn't exist for history.
    As an idea, maybe we could write a plugin for Firefox that exposes the awesome bar functionality as a local HTTP service? Then a Launchy plugin could call that service to get its results.

  • Simon

    Simon - 2010-05-02

    I wrote a prototype plugin a few years ago (source long lost), but the basic principle is
    1. Create a copy of Firefox's SQLLite database (Firefox keeps a write lock so you can't open it using SqlLite, but you can copy it).
    2. Populate the catalog with a query of your choice.
    3. Let Launchy do the searching - it's not going to be quite as advanced as the frecency algorithm that Firefox uses, but you'd be able to see both history and favourites from within Launchy. You can even quiz the various tags and keywords - everything is in that db.

    BTW, this feature isn't going to be coming to Weby anytime soon as Josh doesn't want to burden it with the overhead of the SqlLite runtime.


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