rolodex/contact plugin?

  • AdamB5000

    AdamB5000 - 2008-01-03

    I was sitting here at work needing to call a vendor and it occurred to me that if launchy could give me a phone number by simply entering a vendor's name.. it would be great. 

    Perhaps there's a different program that does what I want, but it'd be nice if launchy could just be the all-in-one and accomplish this.  I'd have a phone number in literally seconds rather than flipping through my old rolodex and possibly needing to dig through files to find a bill with a phone number.

    I would have searched the forum but didn't see a search feature (I hope I'm not blind!).  Is this available or is it possible?

    • Brandon Boyce

      Brandon Boyce - 2008-02-01

      I'll second this one... this would be incredibly useful. How difficult is Thunderbird's contact file to parse?

    • atomicrabbit

      atomicrabbit - 2008-02-14

      @AdamB5000: um not to be a smart ass, but have you thought about using Outlook to store all your contacts? I mean, from the sounds of it, you don't have any of your contacts/vendors on your computer already, so in order to use them with launchy, you'll have to input them into the computer first.

      My suggestion is to install Outlook and input all your contacts into Outlook's Address Book, then maybe someone can develop a plugin that searches the Outlook Address Book. And even if someone does not make a plugin, you'll have your contacts in Outlook, which has a super easy search function where you type in a first, last or company name and search within all your contacts. If you don't want to spend the money on Outlook, Windows comes with Outlook Express which also has an Address Book with the exact same functionality. If you DO want to spend the money, look into Microsoft Office 2007 (either the Professional or Small Business versions). Both come with Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager which adds some nice features to manage your contacts.

      Just a suggestion from little ol' me, though :)

    • Tom Robertson

      Tom Robertson - 2008-02-19

      I would really like to see a plugin for outlook/thunderbird contacts. I use Outlook 07 and am (mostly) happy with its contact-finder box, but I'd love to be able to pull up a contact no matter which window I'm in. I'd also love to be able to type 'mail' and someone's name to write an email that person. I presently have outlook shortcuts which are indexed which let me create a new email, task or appointment from Launchy, which is awesome. Would love to take it to the next level.

    • Anthony Fuentes

      Anthony Fuentes - 2009-04-29

      I use outlook for work and i hate going into contacts, sorting through all contact folders and when outlook lags, it just makes it worse.

      I want to bring up launchy, type a name and boom, start dialing a call.

      This is not about contact management. Its about efficiency which is what Launchy is all about.

      If a plug-in can catalog my contacts, that would be awesome.

      Does anyone have any tips on how I can create this plugin myself? Is there an open source compiler I can use? I've only been exposed to programming a little but have dealt with Linux, CLI, VB scripts and html that I can say that I understand the mechanics behind it all and with the help of google, I'm pretty sure I can come up with something.

      Please steer me in the right direction.  =D

    • Igor Czechowski

      Igor Czechowski - 2009-07-14

      You may try and take a look at Window Desktop  Search, which will index all the stuff on your computer including Outlook.
      Use a runner plugin then and enter a new command to search with windows desktop search.

      On mine it looks like:
      Name: search
      Program: c:\Program Files\Windows Desktop Search\WindowsSearch.exe
      Arguments: /url "search-ms:show=$$&query=$$"

      Here the usage comes for contacts:
      search (Tab)> contacts (TAB)> Contact Name

      It looks quiet similar for email:
      search (Tab)> email (TAB)> author:Igor

      Author is actually windows desktop search keyword. I recommend to read the help.

      For contacts you may shorten the command and do something like this with runner plugin:
      Name: contact
      Program: c:\Program Files\Windows Desktop Search\WindowsSearch.exe
      Arguments: /url "search-ms:show=contacts&query=$$"

      Use it then:
      contact (Tab) > Your Client Name

      It works like a charm, even without access to Exchange server once it indexes :)

      To know the command line options for desktop search just type:
      c:\Program Files\Windows Desktop Search\WindowsSearch.exe /?

      Results pop-up in separate window.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-02-10

    Bit of a dirty workaround but it works for me.
    I use launchy to store the extension number of my colleagues.
    I have a folder called phones with an empty txt files for each user and index that folder
    the name of the files is as follows

    p-John Doe-Dept-5555.txt

    That way I can type p- into launchy and get a list of all my numbers.
    It also allows me to limit by department e.g. p-Dept will list all the people in that department.

    It works well for me as I only have about 30 people I need to call the most.
    Saves me opening outlook


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