PuTTY Plugin Release Thread

  • Matt Cowell

    Matt Cowell - 2007-10-08

    The latest version of the PuTTY Plugin can be downloaded from:

    Usage, documentation, and source code can all be found at the above site.

    Please file any issues here:

    This is for the same PuTTY Plugin as the "PuTTY plugin" thread, but a link directly to v1.0 was posted there, which is now obsolete.

    • Matt Cowell

      Matt Cowell - 2007-10-19

      v1.2 Released.

      Hopefully this will solve the "Cannot load plugin" error that some people have received.  There is also a version for Windows x64 systems now.

      Download link is in first post.

          Removed dependency on VC++ Runtime and .NET CLR
          Unsupported plugin for x64 systems

    • Bart

      Bart - 2007-11-14

      Great plugin!

      Thanks man :-)

    • Emiliano

      Emiliano - 2007-12-07


      this is a great plugin, is it planned a version compatible with new Launchy beta 1?


    • Matt Cowell

      Matt Cowell - 2007-12-10

      v1.3 Released: http://code.google.com/p/putty-launchy-plugin/

          Parameters not matching a session name will now be treated as a host name
          Session names containing quote marks now work

      I will be updating this plugin for Launchy v2.  Hopefully I'll be able to find some time to get it working with a v2 beta before the official release, but for now you need to run v1.25 to use the plugin.

      • Matt Cowell

        Matt Cowell - 2007-12-10

        Apologies to anyone who downloaded the original v1.3 file posted on the website and found it not to work.  There is a fixed version 1.3.1 up now.

    • Matt Cowell

      Matt Cowell - 2007-12-22

      A Launchy v2.0 compatible version of the PuTTY plugin is now available!  As usual, download it from http://code.google.com/p/putty-launchy-plugin/

          Now supports Launchy v2.0 (complete rewrite)
          Added configurable options for just about everything
          Trigger words can be changed (defaults to "ssh" and "putty")
          Sessions can be added directly to index, with no trigger word required

    • Tony Acero

      Tony Acero - 2007-12-28

      Thanks for the v2.0 putty plugin!  I just tested it and seems to be working fine.  (Never used the earlier versions, btw).


    • Matt Cowell

      Matt Cowell - 2008-04-28

      I'm glad there were no problems with v2.0 .  I've just released v2.1, which includes some requested features and enables this plugin to be used in portable mode (running from a USB drive).  There are instructions on what settings to change in order to enable portable mode on the front page for the plugin: http://code.google.com/p/putty-launchy-plugin/ .

          Added option to run PuTTY maximized
          Added loading sessions from filesystem
          Added error message when putty.exe can't be found


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