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Firefox profile location

  • Robert Hendrickx

    I don't find my firefox bookmarks in weby (firefox 3.6, autoexport enabled).  My profile is in a non-standard location (to keep it out my roaming profile) with a different username than the "default".

    How does weby find the location of the bookmarks html file ?


  • Robert Hendrickx

    After looking at the source, I think I've found the problem.

    On line 285 of weby.cpp, if the path is not relative (to windows appdata) which is my case, the string "bookmarks.html" is not added to the file's path…

    I don't have a developper environment in place, I can't test it …

  • Simon

    Simon - 2010-02-26

    Good spot. This'll be fixed in the next version.


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