[release] Yubby for Launchy 2

  • jlellmann

    jlellmann - 2008-01-29

    I released the updated Yubby plugin for Launchy 2. Yubby captures commands starting with a space and passes them to Yubnub (www.yubnub.org).


      Alt + Space, Space, "g launchy"   - starts a browser with a search for Launchy on Google
      Alt + Space, Space, "gm konstanz" - looks up a city in Google Maps
      Alt + Space, Space, "yt sports"   - searches on Youtube

    etc. etc.

    The great thing about Yubnub is that everyone can instantly create commands that everyone can use, so most known web sites are already included.


    Plugin: http://www.fridgesoft.de/files/yubby2.zip
    Source: http://www.fridgesoft.de/files/yubby2_src.zip

    Any comments or bug reports are welcome.

    BTW, is there a plugins page with a list of third-party plugins? I find this forum quite confusing.


    • Tevi

      Tevi - 2008-01-30

      This seems like an awesome plugin -- but!

      I have the same functionality (keyword searches) through my Opera browser address bar directly -- so this would be a great plugin to have that essentially just opens a new page in my browser, rather than going to Yubnub.

      Do you think you'd be able to make a modification of this code to do that? It seems like it'd be a rather simple modification if your code works the way I presume it does (i.e., just remove the URL to yubnub so that it just passes my search string directly into the browser), and if you could do this, that'd be kind of awesome!

      As for a webpage -- not that I've seen, but I definitely agree that one is needed.

      • qee

        qee - 2008-01-30

        Actually, there's a way for this using Runner. Define new custom command 'g' for Opera.exe and type "g $$" (with the quotes) in the executable parameter. The only difference is that you have to press TAB instead of SPACE after the leading g.

    • gaiko

      gaiko - 2008-02-24

      Hi about the Opera thing. I am an opera user too and while your runner suggestion works it seems to be about the same thing as weby (unless i am missing something) which is fine but both still require that i kind of do double duty in that i have to remake a "search shortcut" (not sure what to call it) in launchy as i have in Opera. I have about 18 different shortcuts and add more sometimes or modify existing ones so it would be really nice to be able to use existing opera "search shortcuts" through launchy instead of making the same thing in both applications.

      having something like

      o <tab> g widgets

      (that is o=opera g=google search shortcut already in opera widegets=search term)

      would be *really*really* useful for me.



    • Duncan Williams

      Duncan Williams - 2008-05-03


      Try creating a Runner configuration that points to the opera exe, and put "$$" including quotes as the argument, this works for me by putting literally what you type in Launchy into the address bar in opera.

  • Kolly

    Kolly - 2013-02-27

    Great job :)


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