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Shay Erov
  • Shay Erov

    Shay Erov - 2009-01-12

    Hi all,
    Does anyone know of any plugin that can be used to control multimedia commands (such as play/pause/volume)?

    I need a similar ability to the one of the multimedia keys on some of the keyboards.


    • eksortso

      eksortso - 2009-07-20

      I don't know about media plugins for Launchy. I've heard of something for iTunes, but that's about it.

      Maybe there's a way to configure Runner to get what you want. If you can control your media player from the command line, then Runner can do it for you.

      If you're running Windows Media Player (yeah I know I know), there's an unrelated open-source plugin called "WMP Keys" that does what you're looking for.

    • getzze

      getzze - 2009-07-28

      You can use autohotkeys (
      It allows to make hotkeys, meaning combination of keys (ctrl+k, alt+space, ...), to control your computer. It is working on windows XP, no idea of other OS.


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