Plugin not registering

  • Aaron

    Aaron - 2008-07-22

    I followed all the instructions on downloading QT, building, downloading the example plugin.  The example plugin builds just fine.  I move the dll into the plugins directory, kill launchy, start it back up and nothing.  I only have the default plugins listed.  What am I missing?

    Visual Studio 2008
    Vista Ultimate
    Launchy 2.0

    • Josh

      Josh - 2008-07-28

      My guess is that your version of QT is > than that of the Launchy you're using.  Try downloading Launchy 2.1.1, which is built with QT4.4, and using the plugin there.  I should have mentioned this in the plugin docs.  To be compatible with all Launchy 2.0+, use QT4.3.2


    • Aaron

      Aaron - 2008-07-29

      Still no dice.  Took the myplugin example, rebuilt it.  Got 0 errors and 9 warnings.  Moved myplugin.dll over to Program Files\Launchy\plugins, restarted launchy, and nothing.

      Launchy 2.1.1
      VS 2005
      Windows XP

    • Matt Cowell

      Matt Cowell - 2008-07-30

      I haven't been able to successfully load a plugin for Launchy which has been built using Visual Studio 2008.  I have to use VS2005.  The problem (I think) is that VS2008 links against a different version of MSVCR*.DLL than what Launchy and its QT plugin loader are using.  If anyone can get this to work using VS2008, I would love to know how.

    • Matt Cowell

      Matt Cowell - 2008-07-30

      I guess that I should also mention that you CAN get the VS2008-compiled plugins to be recognized and loaded by Qt by removing "CONFIG -= embed_manifest_dll" from the .pro makefile for the plugin.  However, I start to see random crashes in Launchy when those plugins are loaded, most likely because of differences in the VC++ runtimes.


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