Edcase - 2013-09-13

Launchy is great, however I can’t find out how to launch a shortcut with parameters set. eg: CCleaner.

I’d like to set ccleaner to run automatically in the background when I run it from launchy, so I create a shortcut in my folder I've specified for launchy shortcuts, then I add the argument /auto to the ccleaner shortcut. running the shortcut from explorer functions as it should [ccleaner icon in system tray, runs a sweep, then closes without the main window opening].

Next I refresh launchy’s list, it finds the shortcut, I launch it and it opens CCleaner up as if there are no parameters set to it. [same results with multiple programs I've tried. 64bit and 32bit.]

I know I've achieved my desired effect in the past with launchy but I just can’t remember how, I browsed through the forum and googled this but found nothing which helped me [with shortcut parameters].

Any suggestions or workarounds?
Will I have to create a .bat file for this effect or is what I am trying possible?

Thanks for your time, Edcase [win8, 64bit, launchy 2.5.0]