search should be anchored @ beginning of word

  • Brad

    Brad - 2006-07-31

    "tex"    brings up "interneT EXplorer" 
                   (wanting textpad)
    "In"     brings up "wINamp"   (wanting IE)
    doesn't seem logical to search middle of words like that.

    Also, I have a question:   Does launching apps via launchy affect the MRU list?  ie, affect their place on the start menu?

    • Josh

      Josh - 2006-07-31

      Imagine you're searching for "explorer" when looking "Internet Explorer", or "fox" for "firefox" or "ring of fire" for "01 - Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire.mp3".  This is why searches can take place anywhere.

      It might be good to weight the results based on how close they are to the beginning of the name however.

      I have no idea about the MRU thing.. but I certainly don't do anything special in the code that might update it. 

      Thanks for your comments!


    • Josh

      Josh - 2006-07-31

      Ah sorry, I misread your comment.  Hmm.. well, the fox for firefox comment still applies.  Also, there are *so* many searches going on, that I can only do so much optimization before things start to get so slow. 

      I haven't worked on the search function in awhile.. maybe it's time for an upgrade.


    • Amadawn

      Amadawn - 2006-08-01

      I think that by MRU he refers to the "Most Recent Used" program list, that is normally updated on the Start Menu in Windows XP.


      P.S.- I didn't get any answers to my suggestions in the open forum. I hope you can take some of them into consideration :) And sorry for insisting about it!

    • Cyk

      Cyk - 2006-08-12

      I agree with this.

      For example, when I run Miranda IM, it shows as Mozilla Firefox until I type "mira." I think it should be anchored to the beginning of words, so you could still use "Firefox" for "Mozilla Firefox," but then use "Fo," for "Foobar" and have it not open Firefox.

    • Brendan

      Brendan - 2006-08-29

      I think it would be more useful if it was just limited to contiguous chunks of letters. I can type in 'oil' and be given the option of Mozilla Thunderbird, because o,i, and l appear sequentially in Mozilla, although with words in between. Another example; I have a shortcut called 'CDrive', but typing in 'CD' gives me Macromedia Dreamweaver as the first choice.

      I think should be restricted to more or less consecutive text, maybe with 1-2 wildcard gaps, (like the * in command prompt) so that, as in your example, 'ring fire' would find "01 - Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire.mp3". Possibly a preference or a weighting should be given to start of words, so they appear faster.


  • Anonymous - 2012-08-14

    Please make this an option, to be turned on or off, as in Alfred for OS X. Currently when I want to start Notepad++, I type "np", and it finds Math I_np_t Explorer instead of _N_ote_p_ad++. I understand that some may want it to function this way, but for me it would be much more intuitive if the search was anchored to the start of words, so if you make this an option you may please both crowds :)


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