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Version 1.0.1 released

  • SLURM, OpenMPI/OpenRTE, and BlueGene/Q support
  • Dropped support for BlueGene/L and /P
  • Dynamic detection of resource management
  • Limited support for LaunchMON middleware API
  • Security enhancement for COBO handshaking
  • Stability enhancement for LaunchMON engine
  • LaunchMON Middleware API support
  • A bunch of bug fixes
Posted by Dong Ahn 2014-05-01

LaunchMON 0.7.2 has been released

LaunchMON 0.7.2 has been released. This is the first stable 0.7 release that implements LaunchMON front-end and back-end API set. Please download the release notes for details.

Posted by Dong Ahn 2010-11-30

The 1st 0.7 beta released (0.7.2beta)

A 0.7 beta version is released: 0.7.2beta
o Added new Cray XT4/5/6, OpenRTE and BlueGene/P RM platform support in addition to existing BlueGene/L and SLURM
o Integrated the scalable version of PMGR, a.k.a. COBO, and set it as the default bootfabric
o Ran scaling tests and validated the scalability at over 100K MPI processes on BlueGene/P and over 200K MPI processes on Cray XT5
o Augmented LMON FE API set while maintaining backward compatibility of the existing API:
- LMON_fe_regErrorCB call
- LMON_DONT_STOP_APP environment variable
(- LMON_fe_getRMInfo call will be included in the next beta)
o Added better performance and scalabilty testing support with the --enable-tracing-cost config option
o Worked out the error handling semantics and enforced it on the supported RMs; the semantics is documented in README.ERROR_HANDLING as well as the man page of LMON_fe_[launch|attach]SpawnDaemons
o Added a two-phased priority polling scheme into the LaunchMON engine
o Better GNU AUTO build scripts and configure parameters support
o Lots of bug fixes

Posted by Dong Ahn 2010-06-30

0.7 development branch created

I created the 0.7 dev branch (launchmon-0.7) to which I have added changes for generic BlueGene (BGL and BGP) and other enhacements (please look at ChangeLog). I am also targetting CRAY XT4 support and demonstration for Allinea DDT integration before the 0.7 release.

Posted by Dong Ahn 2009-03-12

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