Locks up at splash screen

  • Chris Somerlot

    Chris Somerlot - 2007-04-25

    I can not get past the splash screen, it just sits at that indefinetely - what version of wxPython should I be using?

    • Rune Devik

      Rune Devik - 2007-04-26


      The current source code should work with the latest and greatest wxPython version. Remember to copy both the images and the icons directories into the src directory before you start the application with python. If you have done that please try to enable logging by editing the src/AL.py file and replacing this line near the end:

      app = Al(redirect=True, filename=logFile)


      app = Al(redirect=False, filename=logFile)

      That will force any debug messages out to stdout.

      Please also read the README file (doc\README) which describes how to start it up from source.

      • Chris Somerlot

        Chris Somerlot - 2007-04-27

        OK, that helped - I was using wxPython 2.6.2, when I installed 2.8.3 it works. Thanks!


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