• Alistair George

    Alistair George - 2007-09-16

    Cant seem to get it to open up explorer I use several directory a lot eg my docs. Also, it would be nice if we could right click the dropdown list and delete entry if so desired. Thank you its a nice program.

    • Rune Devik

      Rune Devik - 2007-09-17


      So your problem is that stuff get indexed but you are not able to open up explorer. So, is that because you can't find it or because when you execute it nothing happens? If you hover your mouse pointer over the program icon in the left bottom corner of the application you'll be able to see the path of the file that is being executed. I have experienced that some of the links under "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users" is not able to execute so please try to execute the file/link manually to verify that it actually works.

      If you use some other language than English on your computer the path above is translated into your own language..

      If you can't find it then try to force a reindex:
      1) press the cog icon in the upper left corner
      2) at the bottom of the indexer tab in the configuration UI press Reindex
      3) wait and then try to search again

      If none of the above helps please send me the log which can be found under:

      C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\AL_log.txt

      I like the delete idea. I'll put it on my backlog to implement some sort of blacklist functionality.

      • Alistair George

        Alistair George - 2007-09-17

        No I meant explorer itself. How do you define explorer to open up favourite directories - do I have to make shortcuts to the directories then add them to Launcher?
        By delete may I suggest [Shift-Delete] (same as Win GUI) permanently deletes item from HD, [Delete] removes them from Launcher list?
        I'm a programmer too, you have done a nice job of the quick search facility for the program. It would be interesting to see how it works, but I dont program Python.

    • Rune Devik

      Rune Devik - 2007-09-18

      Ahh. Well you can, as you say, make short cuts to the directories you want and e.g. put these short cuts in a common directory and tell AL to index the content of that directory. AL is however not able to display the correct icon for folders so for now you'll only get a .com file icon for folder shortcuts. But it works :)

      The search itself is a implementation of a suffix tree after reading two papers about the topic. Wikipedia has a good overview of a faster algorithm then what I came up with:

      Even though you don't know python it should be fairly easy to follow the code path and you only have to understand one file if you wanna have a look at my implementation:

      A word of advice: If you start on your own implementation it is wise to be able to graph the output tree. This really helps debugging since you are able to see the tree and figure out where things went wrong. For this I used the dot program as you can see in the traverseAndDot method.

      Enjoy :)


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