instanceAlreadyExistsMsg doesn't work

  • yccheok

    yccheok - 2012-12-20

    Hi, thanks for Launch4J. I used it since 3.0.1. It is a great tool.

    Recently, I need to make my app

    - Only single instance
    - Pop up a message, if user try to launch the same app for 2nd time

    I make the following modification.

    Single instance feature works. But the custom message doesn't work. No message
    shown, when the same app is launched for 2nd time.

    When launching for 2nd time, Launch4J will make the app window activate. However,
    this creates problem when my app window is invisible and become a tray icon.

    When I launch the same app for 2nd time, I will get a blank white window being

    Any help is appreciated.

  • yccheok

    yccheok - 2012-12-23

    Here's how the settings look like in GUI

  • gugu gaga pink

    gugu gaga pink - 2014-05-23

    I know this is an old topic but did anybody able to figure out this issues? THanks!

  • Grzegorz Kowal

    Grzegorz Kowal - 2014-05-26


    The message is only shown in case of the console wrapper, the GUI wrapper will try to make the window a foreground window without displaying the message. I'll have a look at this and update the docs or the launch4j GUI.


    • gugu gaga pink

      gugu gaga pink - 2014-06-01

      Thank you for your reply! I'm looking forward to seeing the update to the doc. Thank you so much for the help! :)


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