Howto prefer 32 Bit JVM?

  • Thomas Boerkel

    Thomas Boerkel - 2010-04-12


    I installed 64 Bit JVM first and then 32 Bit JVM. When I double-click a JAR, then it will use the 32 Bit JVM.

    But when I start via the .exe, it uses the 64 Bit JVM.

    How can I force launch4j to use the latest installed JVM or the 32 Bit JVM (no hardcoding of paths)?



  • Sven Meier

    Sven Meier - 2010-10-26

    My application ships with 32bit native libraries, so I'd be interested in an answer to this question too.


  • Mathieu Champlon

    Same here…

    A third party jar loads a 32-bit DLL (JNI) and this fails if the user has a 64-bit JVM, even if he has a 32-bit one also, and even if a defines JAVA_HOME to point to the 32-bit JVM.


  • Barry Hansen

    Barry Hansen - 2011-06-09

    This would be really helpful for me also.  Anyway to require a 64bit vm?

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-03

    I need to do the same thing.  Did you modify launch4j?

  • rjeffm

    rjeffm - 2011-08-09

    I add my vote for this feature… sooner rather than later ;)

  • aventin

    aventin - 2012-10-16

    So do I
    It would be a really useful when using JNI !

  • aventin

    aventin - 2012-10-16

    @feneck91 - thanks for the patched version - I'll give it a try in the coming days

  • aventin

    aventin - 2012-10-16

    Hi feneck91
    This is almost what I want, but I still need some modifications (particularly : being able to select "only 32 bits JREs" or "only 64 bits JREs") … could you publish the modified sources so I can update them to fit my needs ? (it seems that the sources that are provided in your zip file are the original ones)


  • Stéphane Château

    I have checked the source I give into this zip file. These files are modified one, not the original.
    Check into the src directory (find Feneck91 tag on each modified line).
    email me at Feneck91 on (not giving my email else robot will get it and I'll receive lot of spam).
    This works for you or not ? Happy to see that it is used by others…


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