Rodger Ball - 2011-08-08

I'm trying to build a version for Solaris x86.  When I try to use the build I get this error:

  /export/home/rodgerb/projects/launch4j/launch4j/w32api/crt2.o: file not recognized: File format is ambiguous
  /export/home/rodgerb/projects/launch4j/launch4j/w32api/crt2.o: matching formats: coff-i386 pe-i386

I've compiled the GNU MiniGW with the options (-enable-targets=i386-pc-solaris2.10,i386-pc-mingw32) and see pei-i386 in the list of supported targets for ld.

I've double checked the file crt2.o file matches a working version of Launch4j (on my WindowsPC).  Sum shows 43973 5 crt2.o

Any suggestions?